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Employment Law Yearbook 2017 Now Available


EmploymentLawThe 2017 edition of Employment Law Yearbook covers the most important issues facing today’s employers and employment law practitioners. In this tight employment market and amid the rapidly changing global economy, it is imperative that employers and employment law practitioners understand the legal implications of a wide range of workplace actions. Authored by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP’s Employment Law Practice Group, a nationally recognized leader in this field, Employment Law Yearbook 2017 substantially revises the 2016 edition and provides a review of current developments in the law, including case decisions, statutes, and other events of interest to employers in the past year, as well as practical steps employers can take to minimize their risks and comply with the law.

Revised annually, Employment Law Yearbook 2017 is an essential reference for in-house and outside corporate attorneys and human resource professionals, as well as attorneys representing plaintiffs and defendants in employment-related litigation.

This essential title is available on PLI PLUS, our online research database. If you’d like to order a print copy, please email or call 877-900-5291.

New for June on PLI PLUS

New for June

We add content to PLI PLUS every month to ensure our subscribers have access to the most up-to-date and relevant secondary source legal documents. Renowned legal experts regularly update our acclaimed Treatises, Course Handbooks, Answer Books, Transcripts and Forms to reflect recent changes and developments in the law.

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25% off Pre-order of Financial Services Mediation Answer Book

Please join PLI in a limited-time, pre-order offer on our new guide to dispute resolution, Financial Services Mediation Answer Book (2017 Edition)

Financial Services

Financial Services Mediation Answer Book provides detailed guidance, in question-and-answer format, on all aspects of mediating disputes involving financial services. More than forty attorneys contributed to ten chapters, reflecting a wide range of experiences, observations and perspectives, on both the plaintiff and defense sides. The book includes significant discussion of what to do when negotiations fail, how the availability of insurance affects the mediation process, and how to address issues that are specific to mediations involving auditors. The book also includes a chapter on recurring legal issues that can arise when mediating financial services disputes, and concludes with a series of Q&As by several highly experienced mediators.

To order by phone, please call PLI’s Customer Service Department at (800) 260-4754. Be sure to mention your Priority Code, YLJ7-8AEM1B, to receive 25% off.

PLI PLUS Privacy & Cybersecurity Content


PLI has numerous Privacy & Cybersecurity resources, many of which are available on PLI PLUS. Below, we’ve highlighted some of our Privacy & Cybersecurity materials that may be of particular interest:

Treatises/Answer Book:

Course Handbooks

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Trial Handbook (Spring 2017 Edition) Now Available!

Trial Handbook VOLUME 1_2_2017Trial Handbook (Spring 2017 Edition) is the one-stop resource you can trust in the planning, trial, and post-trial stages of litigation. Designed for quick reference in the courtroom, Trial Handbook is keyed to the Federal Rules of Evidence and focuses on the presentation of proof and the evidentiary problems faced by counsel.

Packed with practical checklists, charts, outlines, sample jury selection questions, Trial Handbook gives you the knowledge and tools to:

  • Develop solid trial briefs and strong case plans
  • Prepare lay and expert witnesses and organize your exhibits more effectively
  • Master voir dire to maximize your chances of getting the most sympathetic jurors
  • Make a clear record at trial to aid jurors’ understanding of your case
  • Build a rapport and your credibility with the jury throughout the trial
  • Use opening statements to put your cases, clients, and proof in the most favorable light
  • Give summations that blend evidence and issues to paint a thoroughly persuasive picture
  • Exploit discovery materials at trial to get an additional edge
  • Lay the proper foundation for various forms of evidence
  • Capitalize on the powerful probative impact of visual aids at trial
  • Apply proven direct examination and cross-examination techniques
  • Use pretrial, trial, and post-trial motions to gain strategic advantages
  • Draft clear, legally sound jury instructions that subtly sway judges

At the heart of Trial Handbook is its unique Evidence Guide, now also included as a laminated fold-out, which clearly explains the meaning, purpose, operation, and history of every rule, including how each rule applies to other cases and how leading cases construe a particular rule.

Volume 2, the Case Authority, includes thousands of case summaries of decisions under the rules, arming you with the latest evidentiary resources to help you prevail at trial.

This essential title is available on PLI PLUS, our online research database. If you’d like to order a print copy, please email or call 877-900-5291.

Federal Bail and Detention Handbook 2017 Now Available

Federal Bail & Detention 2017


Federal Bail and Detention Handbook 2017, written by the Honorable John L. Weinberg, provides judges and lawyers alike with quick, on-point answers to all aspects of federal bail and detention law. The Handbook provides legal professionals with a comprehensive guide to the Bail Reform Act of 1984, including relevant statutory language, legislative history and appellate case law. It analyzes each step of the process, including:

  • Requirements at the initial appearance
  • Factors the court considers in determining whether bail should be granted
  • What conditions may properly be attached to a release on bail
  • Proper procedures to be taken when there is a failure to appear
  • How to appeal orders of release and detention
  • The Handbook’s Table of Cases lists every federal appellate decision of significant precedential value that interprets or applies the Act.

Designed as a practical tool to be used both in court and the office, Federal Bail and Detention Handbook 2017 includes “Practice Pointers,” designed by Judge Weinberg to provide defense counsel and Assistant U.S. Attorneys with strategic suggestions for dealing with the Act. In addition to the sample orders and motions included in the Handbook, the 2017 edition includes, in Appendix III, a comprehensive collection of the official, nationally recommended forms relating to release and detention.

This essential title is available on PLI PLUS, our online research database.  If you’d like to order a print copy, please email (to embed or call (877-900-5291)

New Edition of Friedman on Leases


Friedman on Leases has been updated in its new Sixth Edition. Building on Milton R. Friedman’s comprehensive work, Andrew R. Berman (Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP), author of the new edition, has updated this time-tested treatise so that it continues to provide not only the foundational knowledge required by novice practitioners, but also analysis of and insight into the most current and relevant developments facing seasoned practitioners in the commercial real estate field. The authoritative discussions of issues, commentary on numerous case decisions, and sample lease clauses and agreements help you to:

• Draft, negotiate, and amend every essential document involved in commercial leasing
• Modify lease provisions for the full variety of landlord-tenant arrangements
• Anticipate and resolve problematic transaction developments
• Avoid drafting errors, including omissions, ambiguities, and fatal terminology
• Understand and deal with difficult issues specific to assignments, subletting, renewals, take-over leases, percentage leases, and other challenging aspects of commercial leasing
• Proceed wisely in those leasing areas with divided judicial authority or divergent state statutes

This essential title is available on PLI PLUS, our online research database. If you’d like to order a print copy, please email or call (877-900-5291) us.

2016 Archive Content Added

In 2016, PLI added 611 archived Course Handbooks to Discover PLUS. We now have over 1,600 pre-2008 Course Handbooks available on Discover PLUS and our archive dates back to 1980!

We prioritize our archive additions based on requests from subscribers so please send us your suggestions! We also offer a document delivery service for PLUS subscribers. If you’re looking for a pre-2008 document on Discover PLUS and cannot find it, email us with the citation information and we can look through our files onsite. If we have it (and we usually do), we’ll send you the Word version–we aim to do so in under 24 hours.

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