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Britannica 2.0: Pointedly Not Wikipedia

Britannica has announced that it will start to wikify its online content (though they don’t use that term/mock it and Wikipedia–“Wikipedia contributes to the spread of information and many people are happy with it as their only source of reference – as are many people happy to eat McDonalds every day.” ) to allow registered users to submit changes to Britannica article. The catch/way that this is different from Wikipedia?

a) Britannica will check on the accuracy of all changes/articles before changes can be viewed

b) You have to pay money to access the site and edit the site.

So while it might not be an economical investment for students or those who aren’t relying on accurate information to win a court case/prepare a brief/perform research, it might be worth looking into if you want guaranteed accurate content with an old-school brand name.

Article here.

PLI XChange Demonstration This Friday

This Friday we’re doing an in-person and live webcast demonstration of PLI XChange, the new collaborative networking program that we’ve created to accompany certain programs and keep the conversation going after you leave our conference rooms.

Since PLI XChange is going to be included in the Law Library 2009 Programs (offered in San Francisco, New York , and via LiveWebcast), it’s definitely worth the time to check it out. Whether you’re interested in posting to the forum and starting and fostering discussions, or just want to know a little bit more about how this tool can help you connect with the community, improve your experience at the programs, and let you access program content before and after the program, watching or attending this demonstration can answer your questions and help you prepare.

If you’re interested in attending, or watching via the internet, or just have a few questions that you’d like answered, you can let us know by calling either (212)-824-5825 or via email to

Rex Libris: The Movie

First a series of movies called “The Librarian” and now a feature length film about everyone’s favorite librarian comic book hero– Rex Libris.

Variety reports that: “Warner Bros. Pictures has hired Mark Burton to pen the bigscreen adaptation of James Turner’s comicbook “Rex Libris,” about an everyday guy who becomes part of a secret sect of librarians who battle forces of darkness in chasing down overdue or stolen books.
Mosaic Media is producing the comedic action-adventure. Comicbook is published by Slave Labor Graphics.”

Article Here.