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Federal Court adds 30,000 court opinions to free database

The U.S Government Printing Office (GPO)  and its Federal Digital System (FDsys) added 30,000 court opinions to its online collection of opinions, part of a new pilot program.

The United States Courts Opinions collection in FDsys contains opinions from the Federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts.  The collection is divided into appellate, district, and bankruptcy court opinions. Opinions are text-searchable across opinions and across courts. Posted court opinions date as far back as April 2004.

The opinions on FDsys may differ  from opinions available on online legal research services—FDsys permits embedded animation and audio that works while the opinion is accessed.

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Ebook buyers survey results

What influences ebook readers to pick the books they read?

Mark Coker conducted a survey of ebook readers at Mobileread Forums, giving people 12 answers to choose from:

  • I browse book covers, and if it grabs me I investigate further
  • I browse paper books at brick and mortar bookstores, then search for the ebook online
  • Recommendations from fellow readers on online forums, blogs, message boards
  • Personal friend/family member recommends it to me
  • I look first for my favorite authors
  • I read free ebooks, and if I like the author I buy their other titles
  • I browse randomly then look at reviews
  • I’ll sample anything, and if it grabs me I’ll download/buy it
  • Bestseller lists for my favorite genres/topics
  • Retailer recommendations (incl “people who bought this bought that”)
  • Reviews/recommendations from traditional media (newspapers, television, magazines)
  • Other

Most of the 315 respondents (29%) selected: “Recommendations from fellow readers on online message forums, blogs and message boards” and 18% of people selected  “I look first for my favorite authors”. The rest of the responses were evenly split.

In this age of modern technology it seems that people value the opinions of  online commentators more than those of friends and family members.

Career Building for Mid-Level Associates
(Free One-Hour Briefing)

Free One-Hour Briefing

December 15, 2011, 1-2pm ET

During this One-Hour Briefing Andrea Lee Negroni, attorney and author of “What They Didn’t Teach You in Law School,” “Moving on Up: Reaching the Next Rung on the Law Firm Ladder,” and “Don’ts for Lawyers,” will identify and discuss tools and tactics to enhance job satisfaction and help associates take more control of their careers. She will focus on both time-saving ideas that can be implemented immediately and processes for longer-term goal-setting.

Join her for this important free briefing to learn what you can be doing to enhance your career.

To register by phone, call PLI’s Customer Relations Department at (800) 260-4754. Be sure to mention your Priority Code: WFZ0-8LBS2 when registering.

Law Firms & Librarians

Why is the partnership between law firm and librarians so important? Chuck Lowry discusses the symbiotic relationship between law firms and their libraries. He makes some interesting points about law librarians:

  • They will see from their research interaction with attorneys what information products or services can be replaced by something else that responds more closely to the firm’s actual information needs, thereby increasing both the effectiveness and the efficiency of the attorneys.
  •  There is no one in your firm better positioned to create, monitor and adjust the balance of firm-wide and specialty products that will get to fee earners what they need to practice law at the standard your clients and your management committee demand.
  •  They understand what the firm’s lawyers can and cannot do, will and will not put up with, have to have or want because the publisher called them directly.


October 2011 Course Handbook Update

Listed below are the PLI Course Handbooks that were published during the month of October 2011.

Corporate Law and Practice Series:

  • Broker/Dealer Regulation & Enforcement 2011
  • Corporate Counsel Institute 2011
  • White Collar Crime 2011

Intellectual Property Series:

  • Advanced Patent Licensing 2011
  • Intellectual Property Law Institute 2011
  • Representing the Games Industry Client 2011

Litigation & Administrative Practice Series:

  • 28th Annual Section 1983 Civil Rights Litigation
  • Annual Employment Law Institute 2011
  • Commercial Arbitration 2011
  • Federal Civil Practice Update 2011

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October 2011 Treatise Updates

In October 2011 the following Treatises were updated:

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Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2011-12

Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book provides both the lawyer and the lay investor with a complete understanding of the criminal and civil issues that can arise, the possible penalties that could be  incurred and the defenses available. It reflects the in-depth knowledge of legal practitioners who provide ongoing counseling and litigation representation to a wide array of clients.

Because the insider trading laws apply to everyone – not just corporate insiders – a proper understanding of both the basics of insider trading law as well as some of the complexities and nuances of this important area of the law is important to anyone who invests in the securities markets.

Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book provides you with a step-by-step understanding of the legal requirements imposed upon all investors. It walks you through:

  • The elements of an insider trading claim
  • What is legitimate company research that can be freely acted upon and what is nonpublic information that may not
  • When acting on a “tip” can incur legal liability
  • The framework of penalties when insider trading has been successfully proven

With today’s turbulent financial markets, an increased number of insider trading charges and convictions are hitting the newspapers. Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book, which fully integrates recent regulatory changes, will provide a concise road map, helping the reader to navigate the legal requirements safely.

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