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Discover PLUS National Tour Ends

Today was the last stop on our Discover PLUS national tour.  We wrapped things up in our home city, NYC, which has been through a lot these past few weeks.  A big thanks to everyone who attended one of our lunches–we learned a lot and now have some amazing feedback on Discover PLUS, which we can’t wait to implement.

If you couldn’t attend one of the lunches, not to worry!  Check out our introductory video here (or press play below) or contact us to set up a WebEx demo.


Free 1-Hour Briefing on Hurricane Sandy

November 14, 2012, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm  (E.S.T.)

Businesses and their insurers must respond to real property losses from Hurricane Sandy, as well as direct and contingent business interruption losses from facility closures, interruption in supply chains, disruption of transportation systems and other considerations.  These losses present a variety of important commercial insurance questions, both for the insurers who may be asked to pay for these losses and for the companies seeking to recoup any diminished profits.

Laura A. Foggan and Dale E. Hausman, partners at Wiley Rein LLP, who regularly represents insurers in important coverage matters, and Lorelie S. Masters a partner at Jenner & Block LLP and a leading policyholder advocate, will discuss key legal issues in insurance for such losses during this important briefing.  The program will provide an overview of:

  • The insurance coverage issues that may be implicated by U.S. business losses
  • Steps businesses and insurers can take now to review relevant insurance programs
  • Coverage limitations in widely-used property, specialty and other policy forms
  • Relevant U.S. case law from other events causing business losses, such as 9/11and Hurricane Katrina

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PLI Course Handbooks Published in October 2012

Listed below are the PLI Course Handbooks that were published during the month of October 2012:

Commercial Law and Practice

Corporate Law and Practice

Intellectual Property

Litigation and Administrative Practice

Tax Law and Estate Planning

If you have any questions or would like to order a title, please email the Library Relations Help Desk at or call 877-900-5291.

Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2013

In October 2012, PLI published Insider Trading Answer Book 2013.

Because the insider trading laws apply to everyone — not just corporate insiders — a proper understanding of both the basics of insider trading law as well as some of the complexities and nuances of this important area of the law is important to anyone who invests in the securities markets. Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2013 provides you with a step-by-step understanding of the legal requirements imposed upon all investors. It walks you through:

  • The elements of an insider trading claim
  • What is legitimate company research that can be freely acted upon and what is nonpublic information that may not
  • When acting on a “tip” can incur legal liability
  • The framework of penalties when insider trading has been successfully proved

Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2013 provides both the lawyer and the lay investor with a complete understanding of the criminal and civil issues that can arise, the possible penalties that could be incurred and the defenses available. It reflects the in-depth knowledge of legal practitioners who provide ongoing counseling and litigation representation to a wide array of clients.

In today’s turbulent financial markets, a claim of insider trading often hits the newspapers. Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2013, which fully integrates recent regulatory changes, provides a concise road map, helping the reader to navigate the legal requirements safely.

If you would like to order Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2013, please contact PLI’s Library Relations Department (877-900-5291;

New Title! Financial Services Regulation Deskbook

Signed into law on July 21, 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank) is the most significant piece of financial legislation since the Great Depression. At over 880 pages for its 16 titles, this massive new law fundamentally changes financial services law. PLI’s Financial Services Regulation Deskbook walks you through all the significant changes made by the Act and subsequent implementing regulations. It is organized by subject matter and is accompanied by commentary on the practical effects of the legislation on industry practice, including pointing out areas of legal ambiguity that must be solved only by advocacy with the relevant regulators.

The Financial Services Regulation Deskbook walks the reader through all of the significant provisions of Dodd-Frank, including those which:

  • created two new significant federal agencies, the Financial Stability Oversight FSOC (Council) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB);
  • require significant heightened prudential standards for systemically significant financial companies;
  • prohibit, subject to exceptions, banks from engaging in proprietary trading and sponsoring and investing in hedge funds and private equity funds;
  • require U.S. banks and other entities that receive federal “financial assistance” to push-out much of their derivatives businesses to nonbank affiliates;
  • create a new “Orderly Liquidation Authority” for systemic financial firms;
  • impose increased prudential regulation on banks and their holding companies; and
  • for the first time, comprehensively regulate derivatives activities.

Written by Arthur Long, a partner at Davis Polk who is a member of the firm’s Financial Institutions Group, the Financial Services Regulation Deskbook includes a full discussion of the context surrounding the changes made by Dodd-Frank, including a discussion of the Senate and House legislative history, the specific issues during the economic crisis period that many of the changes were meant to address, as well as the impact of the steady flow of implementing regulations that have been issued since the Act went into effect.

If you would like to order a copy or need more information, please contact Library Relations (877-900-5291;

October 2012 Treatise Updates

In October 2012, the following PLI treatises were updated:

Broker-Dealer Regulation Release #2

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Release #7

Doing Business Under the FCPA Release #17

Electronic Discovery Deskbook Release #4

Investment Adviser Regulation Release #2

Langer on Practical International Tax Planning Release #24

Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds Regulation  Release #2

Reisurance Law Release #7

Securities Litigation Release #6

Sinclair on Federal Civil Practice Release #4

White Collar Deskbook Release #9

If you are on standing order for any of the above titles, these releases have already been shipped. If you would like to place an order, please email

PLI Content No Longer Available Via Westlaw

From November 1st, 2012 onwards, no PLI content will be available on Westlaw.

After a twenty-five year partnership with Westlaw, PLI content will no longer be accessible via the Thomson Reuters Westlaw site. PLI was unable to reach an agreement for ongoing distribution by Westlaw of PLI content, including both PLI Course Handbooks and PLI Treatises.  Presently and in the future, you may continue to access all PLI Treatises on Bloomberg Law.

PLI continues to offer access to our Course Handbooks, Treatises, Answer Books, Legal Forms and Program Transcripts via the Discover PLUS eBook platform. Please feel free to contact your PLI account manager, Library Relations at libraryrelations@pliedu or (877) 900-5291 or Customer Service at (800) 260-4754 with any questions or concerns.