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Our Free Library One-Hour Briefing on Legal and Ethical Issues in Social Media is Now Available On-Demand!

One hour BriefingPLI and LLAGNY have teamed up to offer free one-hour audio briefings for librarians, researchers, attorneys, and allied professionals.  This spring we offered a session on the complex legal and ethical issues surrounding data privacy and social media.

The use of social media in the legal industry is continually gaining momentum. But there may be ethical pitfalls with its use. This session covered the ethical issues you should be aware of and reviewed the following topics:

  • The use of social media by attorneys
  • The rules of professional conduct in relation to activities in the use of Facebook, blogs and other forms of social media on the Internet
  • The ethical issues regarding pretext searching, conflicts of interest, attorney advertising issues and client confidentiality

This briefing, featuring instruction from experts in research strategy and social media, was conceived and created in cooperation with Practising Law Institute (PLI) and the Law Library Association of Greater New York (LLAGNY).


Please note this program has expired.  If you are interested in current PLI Library Programs, please visit

Free One-Hour Briefing on Violence Against Women Act



Monday, April 29th, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has been a valuable tool for both law enforcement and immigration practitioners alike. The legislation has helped survivors of domestic and sexual violence come out the shadows and it has provided a mechanism for regularizing the immigration status of these survivors. VAWA 2013 now extends protections to other vulnerable groups.
Please join M. Audrey Carr, Director of Immigration and Special Programs at Legal Services NYC, and Julie E. Dinnerstein, Co-Director of the Immigration Intervention Project at Sanctuary for Families, for a free One-Hour briefing on VAWA 2013. Topics to be discussed include:

  • The history of VAWA
  • Expanded protections under VAWA 2013
  • Immigration Provisions of VAWA 2013

Attorneys of all backgrounds, expertise, and experience are welcome. Register now and don’t miss this important Free Briefing!


PLI Adds Course Handbook Forms to Discover PLUS

Discover PLUS

PLI is excited to announce that we’ve added 410 new legal forms from our Course Handbooks to our eBook library, Discover PLUS!

Forms have been added from most of our practice areas, including Corporate & Securities law, Intellectual Property law, and Tax & Estate law. Forms on Discover PLUS are fully searchable, downloadable into Word or PDF, and can be customized to fit your needs.

Since Discover PLUS subscribers can choose to be IP authenticated, users can embed form links into their library or practice group pages. Or subscribers can share frequently accessed forms with colleagues by emailing permalinks, or attaching them as Word or PDF documents.

Based on the feedback and requests we’ve received from our customers, we’ve extracted 1,566 forms from our over 800 Treatises and Course Handbooks, and indexed them so that they’re easy to find in Discover PLUS.

Discover PLUS offers 12 different types of forms ranging from contracts to official forms to pleadings/motions.  Each form includes a citation and is indexed with searchable keywords.

PLI will continue to add forms from our Course Handbooks to our forms library on Discover PLUS throughout the year on a quarterly basis. Stay tuned!

Questions? Please contact PLI’s Library Relations department at or 877-900-5291.

PLI Course Handbooks Published in March 2013

Listed below are the PLI Course Handbooks that were published in March 2013:

Commercial Law and Practice

Corporate Law and Practice

Intellectual Property

Litigation and Administrative Practice

New York Practice Skills

Real Estate Law and Practice

Tax Law and Estate Planning

If you have any questions or would like to order a title, please email the Library Relations Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.

Transfer Pricing Answer Book 2013


Transfer PricingIn March, PLI published Transfer Pricing Answer Book 2013.

The reality of increasingly global business enterprises with valuable intangible property can expose companies to transfer pricing enforcement by different countries around the world.  Many of these countries are increasingly aggressive in enforcing their local transfer pricing rules as they attempt to protect their tax revenue base.  To avoid double taxation of the same income in this environment, companies often are required to deal with the highly specialized, bilateral treaty-based competent authority process developed to prevent double taxation at a time when trade mainly involved only two established countries.  What’s more, companies and tax authorities increasingly are faced with the potential for multiple taxation of the same income, as supply chains cross many borders and as the tax authorities of emerging countries become players in the global taxation process, and the resulting stresses, strains, and limitations of the bilateral treaty-based competent authority process have become more apparent.

In light of the high-dollar risks presented by the increased enforcement efforts of tax authorities worldwide, the complexity of the ever-changing, inherently uncertain transfer pricing standards, and the continually evolving business models of businesses adapting to the constantly changing global economy, companies need practical guidance to permit them to develop and defend their transfer pricing strategies. Transfer Pricing Answer Book 2013 gives companies such guidance by discussing all aspects of transfer pricing, from initially planning a transfer pricing strategy, to alternative ways to defend the strategy from attack by two or more tax authorities, to resolving a case before competent authorities, to bringing a transfer pricing case to court.  The book’s non-technical discussion is presented in a question and answer format that will appeal to readers regardless of their prior level of experience or familiarity with taxes in general and transfer pricing in particular. Transfer Pricing Answer Book 2013 is an invaluable resource for company executives and their advisors who are seeking to better understand this important area of tax law that has become such an important part of so many businesses.

If you would like to order a copy, please email the Library Relations Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.

FREE Library One-Hour Audio Briefing: Legal and Ethical Issues in Social Media Library

PLI and LLAGNY teamed up to offer a free one-hour audio briefing to librarians, researchers, attorneys, and allied professionals: Legal and Ethical Issues in Social Media.Thank you to everyone who attended.

PLI and LLAGNY will continue to produce this series of Library Programs in the One-Hour Audio Briefing format.  The response has been positive, both from an attendance and feedback perspective.  Are you interested in speaking at a future briefing?  Or do you have a specific topic you’d like to see covered?  If so, please send your suggestions to


Please note this program has expired.  If you are interested in current PLI Library Programs, please visit