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Commerical Ground Leases

 Release #11 is now available for Commercial Ground Leases


Featuring adaptable timesaving sample agreement language, this treatise is your definitive guide to drafting, negotiating, and finalizing equitable, error-free leasing documents that minimize the possibility of legal conflicts.

The full range of relevant commercial ground leasing issues is clearly addressed in this convenient, one-stop resource, including basic rent and other payments; percentage rent; tenant, subordinated fee, and leasehold financing; ground lease term; premises and title; use and occupancy; subletting, assignment, and sale; exculpatory clauses; insurance, damage, and reconstruction; condemnation; default and redemption; surrender upon termination; rights to purchase; development rights leases; and multiparcel development.

Commercial Ground Leases shows you how to use arbitration and mediation to resolve disputes; how major bankruptcy laws have affected ground lease practice; how the law has adopted the ”modern” concept of a lease as a contract governing a commercial transaction or relationship; and how dramatic changes in the real estate financing market have impacted commercial ground leases.

If your library is on standing order, look for this release to arrive in the next week or two.  If you’d like to order the release you can email libraryrelations@pli.edu.

View a sample chapter here.