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Need help using PLI PLUS?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Whether you are an expert or a novice, you’ll find something on this page to help you get the most out of PLUS.  In addition to the training materials below, we provide in-person and Web-based training upon request.

PLI PLUS 2.0: Coming Soon

  • Test drive PLUS 2.0: Now in its beta phase, PLUS 2.0 includes all the authoritative, curated content you expect from PLUS, with a streamlined design, intuitive search capabilities, improved integration with PLI’s program content, and more. 
  • Getting Started with PLUS 2.0: Learn more about the enhanced search features with this quick reference guide.
  • Schedule a PLUS 2.0 Demo: Book a guided tour of the new site with one of PLI’s library relations managers.
  • PLUS 2.0 Resource Page: Visit this page to sign up for updates on the beta launch or for a link to our feedback survey.

PLI PLUS Webinars


  • PLI PLUS Fact Sheet: This handy one-page PDF lets you know what’s included in your PLI PLUS subscription and what it’s enhanced with.
  • PLI PLUS Booklet:  The official marketing booklet provides an overview of the database and the PLI Press resources available to you.
  • PLI PLUS Overview Video: This 1:15 minute tutorial is a high-level overview of the platform.

Getting Started

Features and Functionality

For Administrators

PLI PLUS App for iOS

PLI Press Catalog

  • PLI Press Books Catalog 2021: The 2021 catalog includes over 200 of PLI’s most recognizable and popular print titles, all of which are available on PLI PLUS.

PLI PLUS Content Guides

Paralegal Center

  • Paralegal Center PLUS Content  – This PDF lists and links to course handbooks and transcripts on PLI PLUS associated with PLI’s Paralegal Center.

Law Schools

  • Law School Flyer: This two-page PDF highlights content that matches law school courses and links to each title on PLI PLUS.

Research Topic Guides

PLI Librarian Blog

  • PLI Librarian features frequent postings about new PLI Press treatises, updated editions, upcoming Webinars, new PLI PLUS features, search tips, and more.