New Titles

New Treatises

  • Practical guidance on resolving disputes with the IRS involving international tax issues (such as attorney-client privilege and other protections in the cross-border context). A detailed roadmap for international tax audits and appeals. Also discusses government-to-government cooperation, special dispute resolution mechanisms, and litigation.]]>
  • Comprehensive expert guidance on how to structure exempt and hybrid securities offerings. Packed with checklists, transactional timelines, SEC guidance, and sample documents. Coverage of the relative advantages and drawbacks of the most commonly used forms of exempt and hybrid offerings, with explanations of mechanics of conducting venture private placements; traditional PIPE transactions; structured PIPE transactions; […]
  • Six-volume expert legal and strategic guide to all aspects of private and public company acquisitions, both domestic and cross-border, hostile and negotiated. Packed with best practices, planning tips, checklists, and sample documents.]]>
  • A standalone handbook to preparing proxy solicitation materials in compliance with the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Regulation 14A, Schedule 14A, and all applicable federal securities laws and regulations.  ]]>
  • One-stop resource providing step-by-step instructions and detailed analysis of Form 10-K and Form 10-Q, highlighting areas in which companies can implement or refine their disclosure controls and procedures in order to ensure accurate and timely filings. Covers filing procedures, signature and certification requirements, the "furnished" versus "filed" distinction, incorporation by reference, exhibit requirements and more. […]

New Answer Books

  • Q&A guidance on the issues attorneys frequently grapple with regarding the attorney-client privilege. Examines the boundaries of the privilege, what is and is not covered, how the privilege is protected and lost, and more.]]>
  • Insights from leading experts in medical device law and regulation in a single comprehensive guide to this complex and heavily regulated world. Single-source Q&A guide that answers the many common and far-ranging questions that arise when dealing with this complex system of overlapping and competing regulatory requirements.]]>
  • Q&A guide to U.S. telecommunications law and the range of legal and regulatory issues faced by the various participants in the U.S. telecom industry. Coverage of duties of carriers, antitrust issues, broadband regulations and policies, regulation of mass media, social media use by broadcasters, ADA and disabilities access requirements, privacy and data security, foreign ownership […]
  • Q&A resource for professionals involved in the present and future management of an individual’s assets and personal affairs, including during incapacity and after the individual’s death. Practical guidance on wills, trusts, taxes, insurance, retirement accounts, marital/family issues, charitable giving, international issues, and more. Provides illustrative examples and highlighted practice tips.]]>
  • Q&A resource covering the specific issues that impact vessel owners, vessel bankers, and shippers of goods, and the issues that arise generally in maritime disputes, such as choice of law and limitation of liability. Addresses dispute resolution in both litigation and ADR proceedings. Includes references to U.K. law, which is the law chosen in many […]

New Course Handbooks