Real Estate Law Webinar – This Thursday!

On Thursday, October 29 at 3:00 p.m. ET PLI’s Library Relations Manager, Kay Mitchell, will provide a brief demo to highlight the Real Estate Law resources available on Practising Law Institute’s (PLI) online research database, PLI PLUS. Kay will cover popular Real Estate Law titles and review research scenarios to demonstrate key features of PLI PLUS.


This demo is part of PLI’s ongoing webinar series. Each month we highlight PLI’s resources in a different practice area while also demonstrating the overall functionality of the research database.  For registration and a list of upcoming webinars, visit PLI Practice Area Webinars.

New Title! COVID-19 and Other Pandemics

COVID-19 and Other Pandemics: Business and Legal Challenges, a new treatise from PLI Press, is now available for purchase.

The dramatic rise in client questions about the fallout from COVID-19 – on workplace risks, liability, health insurance, contracts and force majeure clauses, testing and tracing and more – presents a real-time challenge: Lawyers need clear answers now to navigate the regulatory and medical challenges.

This book, from public health and safety regulation experts James O’Reilly and Philip Hagan, provides background and analysis of legal and scientific issues that clients will need to understand in order to manage the new “normal” they are facing as they try to conduct business amidst a global pandemic. This results-oriented treatise combines practical advice, the latest scientific research and guidance from key government agencies to provide readers with the answers they need and the questions they didn’t know to ask.

Read more about this timely treatise on Above the Law.

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Treatise Update – Bankruptcy Deskbook

Bankruptcy Deskbook provides readers with practical guidance to help their clients achieve fair remedies and to ensure they avoid legal problems along the way. This essential treatise keeps readers up-to-date on legal developments, analyzing recent Supreme Court, court of appeals and bankruptcy court decisions. It offers step-by-step guidance through the bankruptcy laws, clarifying the purpose, features, mechanics, advantages, and drawbacks of Chapters 7, 11, 12 and 13 in the era of BAPCPA.

The latest release, written by Steven J. Brujic, includes updates, such as:

  • A new subsection on subchapter V debtors in Chapter 11 cases;
  • Extension of payments under Chapter 13 reorganization plans as a result of the CARES Act
  • Recent rulings affecting most major topics in the book including: jurisdiction, avoidance powers, automatic stays, distribution of estate property, claims and interests, discharge and dischargeability of debt, employment of professionals, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13.

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New Edition! Kane on Trademark Law

PLI Press is proud to publish the new Seventh Edition of Kane on Trademark Law: A Practitioner’s Guide, a classic for more than three decades. This edition brings forth the insight and expertise of Kathleen E. McCarthy, the new author of the treatise, who is a partner in the New York office of King & Spalding, LLP, President of the New York Intellectual Property Law Association (NYIPLA), and former Editor-in-Chief of the Trademark Reporter.

McCarthy notes that, as courts try to balance the different and often conflicting interests of brand owners, competitors, consumers, reviewers, and critics, and the tensions between trademark and First Amendment protections, trademark decisions can seem inconsistent. In her analysis of the law, and her practical counsel to attorneys, she emphasizes the importance of examining all the facts, being creative in making arguments and analogies, and understanding that there are almost always exceptions to the rules and also facts that help explain the rationale for the exceptions, even if not explicitly discussed in the court opinion.

Extensively revised and updated, the Seventh Edition provides both new practical guidance and critical information on a range of topics including:

  • Trademark searches in the context of modern marketing practices and social media
  • The most effective use of surveys in court
  • Mandatory electronic filing of trademark applications
  • The best approaches to securing international registrations
  • Excusable nonuse of a mark by businesses required to be closed during a pandemic
  • The latest Trademark Office fees
  • Recent dilution cases
  • Alternatives to federal court litigation for handling false advertising claims
  • Tips for navigating practice before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

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Treatise Update – Copyright Law: A Practitioner’s Guide

Copyright Law: A Practitioner’s Guide(Second Edition) provides up-to-date analysis of court decisions and practical advice for the protection of copyrights. Written by two nationally recognized lawyers who have litigated major copyright cases, including those involving digital forms of communication, this authoritative treatise also includes a useful detailed flowchart using an actual case result to illustrate how damages and profits are calculated.

In the latest update—release #4 (September 2020) , the authors expand the book with discussion of the following topics, among others:

  • Unprotectable subject matter—government edicts: Government edicts, such as state statutes, ordinances, regulations, and judicial opinions, have long been deemed to be not subject to copyright. See new § 2:7.1[B].
  • Visual Artists Rights Act—remedies: VARA subjects violators of the attribution and integrity rights to the usual civil remedies for copyright infringement under section 501. See § 4:2.2[A], at note 325.1.
  • Visual Artists Rights Act—“work of recognized stature”: In Castillo v. G&M Realty, L.P., the Second Circuit held that the work in question must be “of high quality, status, or caliber that has been acknowledged as such by a relevant community.” See § 4:2.2[E], at note 341.
  • Deposit requirement—websites and website content: The Copyright Office has issued a circular offering guidance on the deposit process for websites and website content. See § 5:2.5, at note 28.
  • Registration: Resolving a circuit split, the Supreme Court has determined that registration occurs when the Copyright Office issues the certificate of registration and not when a copyright owner submits the application, materials, and registration fee to the Copyright Office. See § 5:3.1, at note 44.
  • Fair use—transformativeness factor: According to the Fourth Circuit, that the respective “subjective intents” of the creator of the work and of its user differ may not be of particular relevance in the transformativeness inquiry, insofar as those differences do not necessarily result in the creation of “new aesthetics or a new work.” See § 8:4.2[A], at note 86.1.
  • States’ sovereign immunity: The Copyright Remedy Clarification Act (1990) abrogated state sovereign immunity from actions for copyright infringement. See § 11:7.7, at note 396.

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Introducing PLI Chronicle!

We are excited to introduce the PLI Chronicle, a new online publication aimed at giving voice to the diverse array of professionals working in the legal industry. 

The debut issue addresses a range of topics relevant to our industry today, with articles such as:

PLI Chronicle is exclusively on PLI PLUS. Articles are available for anyone—PLUS subscribers and nonsubscribers alike—to view from now until the end of the year.

Do you or one of your colleagues have insight into a contemporary issue facing the legal industry? Contact to learn more about contributing to PLI Chronicle.

Coming Soon: Covid-19 and Other Pandemics Treatise

Next month marks the publication of Covid-19 and Other Pandemics: Business and Legal Challenges, a timely new treatise authored by public health and safety regulation experts James O’Reilly and Philip Hagan. In an effort to get information to readers as quickly as possible, we made several chapters available to subscribers on PLI PLUS in advance of the official publication. We will continue to pre-publish content from the book as it is finalized in the editorial process.

Chapters available now include:

Visit the Covid-19 and Other Pandemics book page on PLI PLUS to access new chapters as they become available throughout this month. We will make another announcement when print copies are available for purchase.

New Edition – Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers & Artists

PLI Press is proud to announce the publication of the Fifth Edition of Art Law: The Guide for Collectors, Investors, Dealers, & Artists.

From artists to auction houses, from attorneys to appraisal experts, from dealers to collectors — every segment of the art world has found practical guidance and crucial insights in this longtime favorite treatise. Now thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded, the new edition provides more clear, readable coverage than ever before. Key documents, contracts, forms, and checklists make this popular treatise an indispensable resource.

Both authoritative and fascinating in its own right, this new edition analyzes a remarkable range of topics concerning the legal context of the business of visual art, including:

  • The artist-dealer relationship
  • How digital technology and social media affect both commerce in art and the creation of art
  • Tax and estate planning strategies for collectors and artists
  • Artists’ rights under copyright law and the First Amendment
  • New legal challenges for museums
  • Resources for dealing with art theft and artworks confiscated by the Nazis; and more.

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New Title! The Deal Lawyer’s Weapons in the War on COVID-19

PLI Press is pleased to announce the publication of The Deal Lawyer’s Weapons in the War on COVID-19, a new treatise on the basic legal and economic principles a deal lawyer is likely to face in advising clients on issues arising out of the COVID-19 crisis.

Written by the esteemed author of Mergers, Acquisitions and Tender Offers, this timely title helps lawyers quickly identify many of the business law issues that arise as a result of COVID-19 in areas including:

  • Benefits adopted by the CARES Act (e.g., the Paycheck Protection Program)
  • Financial assistance adopted the Federal Reserve Board
  • Corporate and securities laws
  • Antitrust laws
  • Federal income tax
  • Regulation of cross-border transactions
  • Valuation of companies
  • Contract drafting
  • Bankruptcy 

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