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Secondary sources are like cheeseburgers

I stumbled across this blog post today and wanted to share.  It’s an old one, some of you may have seen it last fall: Dear Law Students, Secondary sources are like cheeseburgers You like those, right?   It is written by Jason Wilson.  He talks about how a secondary source (perhaps a PLI treatise or course handbook) can help “both answer the [legal] question and help … actually understand what the answer means.”    

The cheeseburger is a parallel to a secondary source and the farm is parallel to primary law in its many forms.  The librarian or professor is the “Missus.”  So you can work the farm and make the cheeseburger—all the ingredients are there.  Or ask the “Missus” for something to eat – something prepared.  “The cheeseburger will feed your appetite a whole lot faster than working the farm, no matter how awesome your tools are. That’s because someone who knows better already did the work for you.”

Isn’t that a great analogy???  I you have another analogy that you like, I’d love to hear it.  Comment or write me at

Dodd-Frank Research: Program Now Available

PLI and LLAGNY teamed up to offer a free one-hour audio briefing to librarians, researchers, attorneys, and allied professionals: Where in the World is Dodd-Frank? A Guide for Researchers.  Thank you to everyone who attended.

For anyone who missed it, the program was recorded and is available on the PLI website here.

Where in the World is Dodd-Frank? is the 2nd in a series of library one-hour briefing that PLI and LLAGNY have created.  The first program was held last September: An Introduction to Tax Research in the Library: The Crossroad Between Information and PracticeThat program is also available on the PLI website here.

PLI and LLAGNY will continue to produce this series of Library Programs in the One-Hour Audio Briefing format.  The response has been positive, both from an attendance and feedback perspective.  Are you interested in speaking at a future briefing?  Or do you have a specific topic you’d like to see covered?  If so, please send your suggestions to




Please note this program has expired.  If you are interested in current PLI Library Programs, please visit

Thank You 3 Geeks!

I’d like to thank 3 Geek and a Law Blog.  They started a Free Advertising Experiment which offered publishers and vendors free advertising space on their very well-read blog; it recently won the ABA Journal’s best Law Biz blog—congrats!  They accepted PLI’s advertisement for PLI Discover.  It is currently running along with about five other ads.  The ads run randomly so if you do not see our ad, you can click refresh or reload the page until it appears.  Thank you 3 Geeks for the opportunity.

So what is PLI Discover?  It’s online access to PLI’s treatises and course handbooks.  We make our collection of publications available  in html and pdf chapter segments.  Our treatise library contains our complete collection of authoritative treatises – nearly 100 titles.  The online titles are supplemented automatically.  Our course handbook library contains a collection of stand-alone reference guides to our acclaimed annual series.  We publish more than 250 course handbooks per year.  All these titles are added to PLI Discover and available 24/7. 

 Interested in learning more?  Click here.