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PLI Discover PLUS – Transcripts Video

PLI Discover PLUS has hundreds of program transcripts available at your fingertips.  Here’s a quick video on how to search for transcripts on PLUS.  Check out the rest of our videos on the PLI Librarian YouTube channel!

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Copyright News: Monkey Selfies

open_law_bookNature photographer David Slater asked the Wikimedia Commons website to take down photos he contends he owns the copyright too. The request was refused because the pictures in question were taken by a monkey who grabbed the camera and appeared to enjoy the sound of snapping photos. The monkey took hundreds of pictures, including selfies.

You can read more about the decision here: Monkey selfies do not qualify for copyright protection, US regulators say

You can also learn about copyright law in PLI Discover PLUS. We have books, forms and program transcripts covering the topic, including Substantial Similarity in Copyright Law, Advanced Copyright Law Annual Review 2014, and the Fundamentals of Copyright Law in the Data Era 2014.

New Book! Intellectual Property Law Answer Book 2015

IP AB 2015Practising Law Institute (PLI) has announced the release of their newest title, Intellectual Property Law Answer Book 2015.  This highly practical resource is an easy-to-use guide to copyright, trademark, and patent law.  Underscoring its highly accessible approach, Intellectual Property Law Answer Book 2015 tackles IP from the ground up, including such key aspects as definitions and IP basics, critical statutes, case law and research tips, formalities and registration, infringement, and practical aspects of litigation.

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or new to IP, Intellectual Property Law Answer Book 2015 will help you quickly understand the make-or-break legal issues you’re confronting so you can maximize opportunities and minimize liabilities. It is written by leading attorneys in the field who deal with these issues in their day-to-day practices. Their expertise and unique perspectives make this an invaluable ingredient for your success and the success of your clients.

If you’d like to order Intellectual Property Law Answer Book 2015, please email the PLI Library Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.

Need Materials on Jury Duty Questionnaires? PLI Discover PLUS Has What You Need!

gavelThe New York Times recently addressed the issue of jury service questions in their article “TV Habits? Medical History? Tests for Jury Duty Get Personal”.  The article brings into light how jury questionnaires have become increasingly more frequent in US courts.  By requesting these questionnaires, lawyers and jury consultants are able to investigate the beliefs of their jurors in regards to the case.  As a result, they are able to evaluate the jury box for any bias.

Several high profile and current trials were mentioned.  When researching this topic of jury questionnaire, PLI Discover PLUS can provide expert-authored, secondary source materials.  PLUS provides you with access to sample jury questionnaires along with an analysis of trials like People of the State v. Kobe Bryant Jury Questionnaire.  Click here for a sample search you can perform on PLUS to find these relevant documents.

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PLI Discover PLUS – Forms Video

We’ve added another video to our PLI Librarians YouTube channel!  These videos have been created to provide quick search tips, and offer advice on how to navigate through PLI Discover PLUS.  The most recent 1 minute video gives you tips on how to easily locate the forms you need.


We will continue to add instructional videos to this channel so stay tuned for more!  If you have any suggestions for other search tips videos, please contact the PLI Library Help Desk team.

PLI Treatises Updated in July 2014

In July 2014, PLI updated the following Treatises:

Also in July 2014, PLI published the following new Treatise title:

If you are on standing order for any of these titles, the releases have already been shipped.  If you would like to place an order, please email PLI Library Relations or call 877-900-5291.

PLI Course Handbooks Published in July 2014

Listed below are the PLI Course Handbooks published in July 2014:

Banking Law and Practice

Children’s Law

Corporate Law and Practice

Intellectual Property Law

Litigation and Administrative Law

Municipal Law



Free One-Hour Briefing on Evolving Landscape of State Income Taxation of Trusts

August 14, 2014, 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. (E.D.T.)

The law governing the state income taxation of trusts is rapidly evolving. Recent cases have successfully challenged the constitutional validity of the taxation of trusts in a variety of states. Trustees, beneficiaries and their advisors need to stay current with respect to these important tax law changes. Join expert faculty in this timely program as they examine the significance of the recent court decisions and provide practical guidance regarding the state income taxation of trusts.

Topics include:

  • A review of the general state law landscape regarding the taxation of trusts.
  • A review of the tax haven states.
  • Analysis regarding state tax statutes that may be vulnerable to a constitutional challenge.
  • Review three recent taxpayer favorable cases addressing state taxation of trusts.
  • Review New York’s recent tax law changes applicable to trusts.
  • Identify the types of trusts that might benefit from a change of situs.
  • Review the mechanics of removing a trust from a taxing state.
  • Discuss tax return filing obligations and address ongoing tax compliance.

Register now and don’t miss this important free briefing!

PLI’s Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Law and Compliance on PR Newswire

Anti-Money LaunderingPLI’s new Treatise, Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Law and Compliance, was noted as a resourceful guide on PR Newswire.  You can purchase the book by clicking hereAnti-Money Laundering Deskbook is also available on our eBook library platform PLI Discover PLUS.  Interested in learning more about this book or PLI Discover PLUS?  Contact PLI’s Library Relations team at PLI Library Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.


Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Law and Compliance – Book Review  

August 4, 2014

Nicole S. Healy. 2014. Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Law and Compliance. Practising Law Institute: New York. 460 pags. $395 from publisher; $375.25 from

NEW YORK, Aug. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Practising Law Institute (PLI) announces the release of their newest title, Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Law and Compliance.

Author Nicole S. Healy (Ropers Majeski Kohn Bently PC) provides a thorough discussion of all the major U.S. cases considering money laundering activity, describes the programs of the major international anti-money laundering (AML) organizations, and offers a suggested model for an effective AML compliance program.

Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook serves as an indispensable, time-saving roadmap to the federal statutory framework. AML compliance professionals and attorneys alike will turn to this new guide for Ms. Healy’s insight and expertise in this complex area.

The single-volume Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook: A Practical Guide to Law and Compliance is priced at $395 and is available for a 30-day free examination.

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