Corporate Compliance Answer Book 2011-12
(New Title)

What is a compliance and ethics program? What are its costs and benefits? Why do you need one? With so much confusion about corporate compliance, the attorneys at Holland & Knight have assembled a team of experts not just to ask the right questions, but to give you all the answers. PLI’s Corporate Compliance Answer Book 2011-12 has the information you need to understand what an effective compliance and ethics program is, how it should operate, and what issues and risks it must address in a variety of heavily regulated industries. Most importantly, it helps make the case to management and the board as to why your company needs such a program.

Corporate Compliance Answer Book 2011-12 covers the full range of heavily regulated industries and corporate activities in a clear, easy-to-use Q&A format, loaded with dozens of case studies, invaluable compliance facts and tips, checklists, charts, and tables. Note that the coverage in this latest edition has been expanded to two volumes. This is targeted guidance you need to design, implement, and enforce compliance programs that detect and prevent wrongdoing and minimize the legal and financial damage it can cause.

Featuring dozens of real-world case studies, compliance checklists, and best practice tips, Corporate Compliance Answer Book 2011-12 pays for itself over and over again by helping you avoid major legal and financial burdens.

Essential reading at a time when your legal and regulatory burdens continue to mount, Corporate Compliance Answer Book 2011-12 minimizes the risk of litigation, penalties, sanctions, company turmoil, and lost revenue due to noncompliance.

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(New Title)

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