PLI Adds Course Handbook Forms to Discover PLUS

Discover PLUS

PLI is excited to announce that we’ve added 410 new legal forms from our Course Handbooks to our eBook library, Discover PLUS!

Forms have been added from most of our practice areas, including Corporate & Securities law, Intellectual Property law, and Tax & Estate law. Forms on Discover PLUS are fully searchable, downloadable into Word or PDF, and can be customized to fit your needs.

Since Discover PLUS subscribers can choose to be IP authenticated, users can embed form links into their library or practice group pages. Or subscribers can share frequently accessed forms with colleagues by emailing permalinks, or attaching them as Word or PDF documents.

Based on the feedback and requests we’ve received from our customers, we’ve extracted 1,566 forms from our over 800 Treatises and Course Handbooks, and indexed them so that they’re easy to find in Discover PLUS.

Discover PLUS offers 12 different types of forms ranging from contracts to official forms to pleadings/motions.  Each form includes a citation and is indexed with searchable keywords.

PLI will continue to add forms from our Course Handbooks to our forms library on Discover PLUS throughout the year on a quarterly basis. Stay tuned!

Questions? Please contact PLI’s Library Relations department at or 877-900-5291.

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