New Edition! Derivatives Deskbook: Close-Out Netting, Risk Mitigation, Litigation (2nd Edition)

Derivatives DeskbookDerivatives Deskbook: Close-Out Netting, Risk Mitigation, Litigation is a comprehensive derivatives resource geared to all users of swap agreements and derivatives, from financial institutions to corporate end users.

This new second edition defines the key terminology; identifies the major players; discusses the full range of documentation; and highlights risk mitigation techniques and best practices that can significantly minimize risks. Derivatives Deskbook examines the termination events and events of default that can trigger the early termination of OTC derivative transactions; the important process of closing out these deals; and the complex process of calculating the early termination amounts due the parties under the transactions, as well as how these transactions can be terminated in ways that minimize the damage to the parties and to the global financial system.

Most importantly, Derivatives Deskbook provides a comprehensive resource to all key litigation cases involving derivative transactions around the key jurisdictions in the world. It is an essential resource for every lawyer or business person engaged in derivative transactions.

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