And the 2015 Webby Award for Best Law Website goes to…. Built & Run by Libraries

The 2015 winner of the Webby Award for best law website goes to Harvard Law School Library – Innovation Lab for the beta site

According to a study by Harvard Law, approximately 70% of all citation links published in law journals from 1999 to 2011 are now defunct. plans to prevent all future broken links in legal citation through’s three step approach: create, vest, archive.

Create: A user enters a URL creating a Perma Link associated with a temporary archive.

Vest:  A Vesting User, someone affiliated with one or more Vesting Organizations such as law journals or courts, reviews and approves the Perma Link making the archive permanent.

Archive: An archive type is chosen (Live Page View, Screen Capture View, Archived Page View.

Visit to learn more! is powered by libraries because we’re in the forever business. We’re already looking after printed materials. It’s time we did the same for links.”


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