Patent Litigation

Release #18 is now available for Patent Litigation

This treatise enhances your ability to prevail at trial while helping you cut the costs and complexity of litigation.

Many of America’s leading patent litigators guide you through all the litigation stages, helping you to understand various infringement actions and their respective burdens of proof; conduct comprehensive pre-suit investigations that streamline your cases; develop potent case themes; assemble strong litigation teams; get an early edge over opponents during discovery; reduce expenses by developing smart litigation budgets; maximize the persuasive impact of documents, exhibits, and lay and expert witnesses; and fortify your case while controlling costs by making savvy use of computers, jury consultants, and litigation support vendors.

This title also shows you how to spot and shore up weaknesses in your case; make effective pretrial, trial, and post-trial motions; enhance your direct-examination and cross-examination skills; accurately measure and prove the amount of damages; and achieve favorable settlements when litigation is not the way to go.

If your library is on standing order for this treatise, you can expect Release #18 to arrive soon.  If you’d like to order the release please email or call 877-900-5291. 

View a sample chapter here.

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