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New Edition of Art Law

PLI recently published the Fourth Edition of our acclaimed ART LAW treatise.

Widely acknowledged as the cornerstone reference for visual art professionals and their attorneys since it was first published in 1989, ART LAW provides unsurpassed legal, business, financial, tax, and estate planning information and guidance for this major sector of the creative arts.

Written by two of America’s foremost art law authorities and stocked with more timesaving forms, checklists, charts, and procedural guides than ever before, the new Fourth Edition of ART LAW enables you to:

  • Draft effective agreements clearly defining the rights and obligations of the parties involved, whether they’re artists, dealers, collectors, investors, appraisers, museums, or auction houses
  • Create tax-advantaged strategies for collectors and artists — with the help of detailed coverage of complete and partial inter vivos charitable transfers, noncharitable transfers, deductions of expenses when selling collections, outright bequests of artwork, and income tax deductions for expenses when creating art
  • Minimize the legal exposure of clients — by helping collectors avoid valuation errors, dealers avoid conflicts of interest, artists avoid copyright infringement, and art experts avoid liabilities when rendering opinions about art

Just published, the new Fourth Edition has been completely updated to reflect the most recent legal developments and business trends and includes new material in each chapter as well as a new stand-alone chapter on Holocaust-looted art.

ART LAW includes a host of step-by-step, field-tested checklists and a vast storehouse of adaptable model agreements involving collectors and dealers, artists and dealers, and dealers and dealers, as well as forms for appraisals, property exchanges, tax-free exchanges, loans and promised gifts from artists’ estates, dealings with auction houses, private and public  commissions, and museum donations.

Distilling an immense body of law into two practical, transaction-oriented volumes, the new Fourth Edition of ART LAW is required reading for anyone who buys, sells, collects, appraises, authenticates, exhibits, restores, creates, invests, or advises in the visual art world.

If you’d like to order our new edition of ART LAW, please email the Library Relations Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.