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The Hollywood Librarian

A fellow MLS student forwarded this website on: “The Hollywood Librarian: A Look at Librarians Through Film.” While the documentary has a heavy slant towards public libraries, they do go into private and special librarians and their importance to the fields they serve.

(You can watch the entire thing as a preview through the Online Store’s website, if you don’t feel like buying it.)

Website here.

Rex Libris: The Movie

First a series of movies called “The Librarian” and now a feature length film about everyone’s favorite librarian comic book hero– Rex Libris.

Variety reports that: “Warner Bros. Pictures has hired Mark Burton to pen the bigscreen adaptation of James Turner’s comicbook “Rex Libris,” about an everyday guy who becomes part of a secret sect of librarians who battle forces of darkness in chasing down overdue or stolen books.
Mosaic Media is producing the comedic action-adventure. Comicbook is published by Slave Labor Graphics.”

Article Here.