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PLI Treatises Updated in June 2014

In June 2014, PLI updated the following Treatises:

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PLI Treatises and Answer Books Updated June 2013

In June 2013, PLI published the following Treatises, Supplements and Answer Books.

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PLI Publications Catalog 2013

Publications Catalog 2013 

The PLI Publications catalog is here!

Each year PLI publishes a wide variety of new titles and new editions to make sure your library shelves are always up-to-date with content from 15 rapidly evolving areas of law. Browse this year’s best sellers and new editions and see what’s joined our existing library of celebrated Treatises, Course Handbooks, and Answer Books.

Marmet Health Care Center vs. Brown

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court issued an opinion on Marmet Health Care Center vs. Brown. In issuing the opinion, the Court reaffirmed its recent decisions about applying the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) to negligence and wrongful death actions when an arbitration clause is present in the care agreement. In Marmet Health Care Center vs. Brown, the Court concluded that when extant, such agreements can be enforced.

Interested in more information on arbitration? Check out one of PLI’s treatises on the subject:  American Arbitration: Principles and Practice.

November 2011 Treatise Updates

In November 2011 the following Treatises were updated:

  •  Equipment Leasing Rel. #3
  •  Hedge Fund Regulation Rel. #10
  • International Tax and Estate Planning Rel. #14
  •  Public Company Deskbook Rel. #4
  • Bankruptcy Deskbook Rel. #9
  • Terminating Derivative Transactions Rel. #3
  •  Patent Law Rel. #13
  •  How to Write a Patent Application Rel. #4
  •  Friedman on Leases Rel. #17
  •  How to Handle an Appeal Rel. #12
  • Product Liability Rel. #2
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Patent Law Rel. #4
  • Variable Annuities Rel. #9
  • Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting Rel. #6
  • Likelihood of Confusion in Trademark Law Rel. #26
  •  Exempt and Hybrid Securities Offerings New 2nd Edition
  •  Financial Institutions Answer Book 2011-12 (New Title)
  • Mutual Funds & Exchange Traded Funds Regulation New 3rd Edition
  • Corporate Legal Departments New 4th Edition
  • Investment Adviser Regulation New 3rd Edition
  •  Broker-Dealer Regulation New 2nd Edition

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PLI Treatise Listing

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