Caption the Cartoon Challenge

As everyone knows, we’re currently in the middle of election season.  Political campaigns impact everyone and everything, even treatises.  Tell us what these two treatises are debating for a chance to win a New iPad!  The cleverest caption wins. Submit your caption using our web form here or stop by our booth at either SLA (# 153) or AALL (# 323). 

5 thoughts on “Caption the Cartoon Challenge

  1. Eliazbeth D. Kenney

    “Excuse me, Madame Moderator, if you require a response of three minutes of less you should have invited candidate Cliff Notes!”

  2. Carol Jeuell

    Paper gentrification as a result of advances in technology, and whether this will force our books to grow legs and wear eyeglasses.

  3. Katie Hut Post author

    Thanks for your entry! Be sure to enter your caption here:

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