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The 12 Week Interview

Across the country, law students are surfacing from their stacks of books and papers and are feeling the sun on their skin for the first time since final exams started over a month ago.  However, a summer vacation is not next on the agenda, instead it is time to get ready for the summer associate program, also known as the legal profession’s 12 week interview process.

Other than a shopping trip to buy breathable, moisture-wicking professional attire to keep cool during your commute and that rooftop bar happy hour(s), how else can you prepare for the upcoming summer months?

  • Attend a FREE PLI program
    • On June 23, PLI will hold an in-person, interactive breakfast session specifically designed for summer associates at our New York Conference Center. The program, How to Succeed As A Summer Associate 2015, will offer practical advice and highlight the skills summer associates need to make the most of their experience including:
      • Workload and time management expectations
      • Getting feedback and dealing with criticism
      • Making the most of your mentor
      • How to take advantage of pro bono and training opportunities
      • and Social expectations.

If you can’t attend the June 23 program, you can read the program transcript for last year’s program, “Calling All Summer Associates:  Making the Most of Your Law Firm Internship,” or listen here.

  • Have fun!
    • Part of your job as a a summer associate is to attend firm-organized social events.   Make sure to attend as many events as possible and get to know your potential future colleagues.  Read up on the Top Ten Networking Tips including number ten, “Carry your drink in your left hand – if it’s not in your right, you’ll have to move your drink in order to shake hands, plus, your hand will be cold and wet.  Yuck!”.

And about that wardrobe….you may want to add a few pieces in royal blue, yellow, and dark green. Why Find out here.

Changing Jobs in the New Legal Environment
(Free One-Hour Briefing)

Changing Jobs in the New Legal Environment: Tools, Tips and the Inside Scoop for Associates

January 12, 2012,  1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.  (E.S.T.)

We’ve all read about how the current legal environment has changed, and its impact on young lawyers. Still, there are many good opportunities for talented lawyers in a variety of practice areas and locations. In this free One-Hour Briefing, Executive Search Consultant Stephen Nelson and Career Counselor Katie White will review the state of the market and the factors that attorneys need to consider in determining whether to change firms, and the proper approaches that they should take if they make such a decision.

Topics that will be discussed:

  • Good and not-so-good reasons for moving
  • When is the best time to move
  • What employers are looking for
  • Importance of the resume and other materials
  • How associates should get the process started
  • Importance of career planning, business development, and networking
  • Using recruiters—pro and con
  • Dos and don’ts in working with recruiters

To register by phone, call PLI’s Customer Relations Department at (800) 260-4754. Be sure to mention your Priority Code: WFZ0-8LBS2