Treatise Update – Fragomen on Immigration Fundamentals: A Guide to Law and Practice (Fifth Edition) 

Fragomen on Immigration Fundamentals provides in-depth coverage of the rules, policies, and procedures related to key facets of immigration law in the United States. Throughout, the authors supplement analysis of recent cases, policies, and rules with practical guidance for both general practitioners and experienced immigration attorneys.

Some of the important recent developments discussed in this release include:

  • PERM Recruitment: §2:2.4[D][6] discusses how an August 2021 DOJ settlement agreement in a U.S. worker discrimination lawsuit against Facebook impacts government enforcement of the PERM program.
  • COVID-19: §2:10.3[A][3] and §3:4.1[C] reveal a new COVID-19 related requirement that green card applicants must satisfy in order to be deemed eligible for permanent residence. The new requirement is in­cluded in the routine medical examinations for both adjustment of status applicants in the United States and immigrant visa applicants applying at U.S. embassies and consulates abroad.
  • Work authorization for spouses: §5:6.3[B] and 10:3.4[N] cover a November 2021 announcement by the USCIS regarding the work authorization process for certain E, L-2, and H-4 spouses in response to a lawsuit that challenged the lengthy processing delays of EAD applications for dependents.
  • T nonimmigrants: In October 2021, USCIS issued comprehensive guidance in its Policy Manual regarding the adjudication of T nonimmigrant status applications for victims of severe forms of trafficking in persons (see §5:28.1[A]).
  • H-2B changing employers: §10:3.4[M] explains how a provision of a January 2022 DHS rule providing a cap increase for FY 2022 gives greater job flexibility to H-2B workers already in the United States.

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