Treatise Update – Securities Investigations: Internal, Civil and Criminal

Securities Investigations: Internal, Civil and Criminal (Second Edition) provides the legal knowledge and practical strategies necessary to deal effectively with government and internal investigations. The new release of the treatise extensively updates it with the most recent developments governing internal, civil, and criminal investigations involving potential violation of the securities laws.  It also shares nuances and practical tips from experts in such investigations.

Key developments covered in the new release include:

  • “Property” and “Personal Benefit” under the Securities Statutes. Due to the U.S. Supreme Court vacating and remanding United States v. Blaszczak to the Second Circuit in light of Kelly v. United States, the question remains whether confidential information constitutes “property” under the securities statutes and how that may impact the holding that there is no personal benefit requirement in Title 18 cases. See Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 for discussion.
  • Cross-Border Regulation of the Financial Markets. See Chapter 13 for numerous new case summaries of SEC cross-border enforcement actions on insider trading, securities fraud, market manipulation, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

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