• Happy Earth Day!

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     Did you know Discover PLUS has more than 200 documents pertaining to Environmental Law? 

    Course Handbooks: More than 160 chapters

    Answer Books: More than 25 chapters

    Transcripts: 27 segments

    Forms: 9



    Also, don’t miss the next live seminar of Environmental Regulation 2015: Hot Topics, Regulatory Developments, and Practical Guidance for Corporate Compliance on June 12, 2015 in New York, NY.

    Join your fellow colleagues and our expert faculty for an insightful look into the current environmental law landscape and for many helpful takeaways to support your practice.

    The 2015 program will cover the following issues among other topics:

    • Recent changes in air and climate regulation with practical suggestions for compliance and annual Title V certifications
    • Examination of new and proposed air and climate change regulatory standards for existing sources
    • International environmental regulation issues including chemical regulation, waste disposal and transboundary pollution
    • Clean Water Act issues, New NEPA guidance and EIS analysis issues
    • Hazardous waste sites and toxic tort issues and recent CERCLA case law
    • Environmental due diligence and negotiating real estate and corporate deals
    • Legal ethics in the environmental context

    For more information, email PLI Library Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.

  • New Answer Book! Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Answer Book 2015

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    Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Answer Book 2015

    Practising Law Institute (PLI) has announced the release of their newest title, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Answer Book 2015 .

    Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Answer Book 2015  provides a detailed analysis of the new requirements and their impact on U.S. taxpayers with overseas accounts.

    The new Q&A guide, authored by Matthew D. Lee (Blank Rome LLP), walks the reader through every aspect of the new requirements. The book explains FATCA terms and concepts, identifies which foreign financial institutions (FFIs) are covered by the Act (over 80,000 to date), and describes the obligations placed upon FFIs under the Act.

    Additionally, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Answer Book 2015 provides guidance on how to create an acceptable compliance program and what is required to register as a foreign financial institution.

    If you’d like to order the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Answer Book 2015please email the PLI Library Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.  Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act Answer Book 2015 is also available on Discover PLUS .


  • Free One-Hour Briefing on Accessing Justice: Ethics and Lawsuit Financing in a New Era

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    The expense of bringing a case to trial for attorneys, firms, and the parties themselves can be astronomical. How often in your practice do you reject cases because neither your firm nor the client will be able to shoulder the costs of litigation, particularly in cases that will be complicated or protracted? Have you found yourself at the receiving end of a scorched-earth defense strategy that has swallowed up firm resources and profits? Have your clients struggled to meet operating expenses while waiting for their day in court? What options do litigators without deep pockets have to properly prepare and bring cases to trial and appeal?

    The use of alternative litigation finance (“ALF”) has engendered spirited debate within the legal community, largely centered upon its impact on attorney ethics requirements. Does a third party’s investment impact an attorney’s duty to use independent professional judgment? Can it cause impermissible conflicts of interest? Does it potentially threaten sacred attorney-client and work product privileges?

    In this engaging and informative program, James Batson, an attorney with over 20 years of litigation expertise and an Investment Manager and Legal Counsel to Bentham IMF, will introduce the use of litigation funding as a modern means to ensure meritorious cases get the commitment of resources they deserve. In addition to introducing the basics of alternative litigation finance, Jim will address numerous Rules of Professional Responsibility and how they intersect with litigation funding.

    A detailed appendix will be provided containing the ethics opinions and additional contents discussed during the program.

    Register now and don’t miss this important free briefing!


    PLI Free Fridays

    Each Friday, PLI offers everyone one week of free access to one web segment or One-Hour Audio Briefing from its catalog of more than 3,500 hours of on-demand offerings. These Free Friday segments are good for one full hour of CLE credit, and can be passed along to clients, colleagues, or anyone in need of training.

    As a reminder, PLI Privileged Members have access to all of PLI’s live programs, Webcasts, and on-demand programs.

  • Build Your Own Library in Discover PLUS with ‘My Bookshelf’!

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    Watch the above video tutorial to learn how to build your own library in Discover PLUS !

    Create customized ‘bookshelves’, save documents to shelves, and email and print citations and links to documents on a shelf.

    NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK 2015 Unlimited Possibilities @ Your Library, Unlimited Possibilities @ PLI

  • Training: The Most Effective Communication Activity For Law Librarians

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    Earlier this year, the American Association of Law Libraries published a report on The Economic Value of Law Libraries .  The report emphasized the need for law librarians to communicate their libraries’ worth to their organizations and outlined best practices and strategies for doing so.

    Electronic databases were ranked as the number one valued library service and training topped the list as the most effective communication activity across all respondents including users, library directors and stakeholders.

    PLI Library Relations offers free in person and WebEx training sessions to our library customers.   Our training sessions showcase PLI Discover PLUS,  PLI’s electronic database of treatises, answer books, course handbooks, downloadable forms and program transcripts of PLI’s nationally acclaimed seminars.

    To schedule a training, email libraryrelations@pli.edu or call 877-900-5291.

    For additional training check out our Discover PLUS Training Center right here on this blog!


  • Happy National Library Week & National Library Workers Day from the PLI Library Relations Team!

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    Back Row Andrew Lissenden, Christina Davis, Olivene White, Stephanie Sica, Jennifer Stefanic, Zehava Brickner, Katie Hut

    Front Row Allison Grillo, Lauren Rodriguez, Elizabeth Beller, Cory Goetze, Alexandra Stoilas, Alexa Robertson

    Photo taken by Cia de Lawrence


  • Celebrate National Library Week with PLI

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    Happy National Library Week!  

    Unlimited Possibilities @ your library, Unlimited Possibilities @ PLI Discover PLUS


    In celebration of National Library Week, Practising Law Institute is offering a 20% discount on all Treatises and Answer Books from April 12 – April 18.

    The Library Relations team would also like to encourage you to access our online publications through a subscription to PLI Discover PLUS.  A subscription to PLUS gives you access our Course Handbooks, Treatises and Answer Books. You can also search for PLI Forms to provide legal templates for your day-to-day tasks, and transcripts to many of our PLI programs and seminars.



    From the Library Relations team at PLI, enjoy the
    recognition you and your library deserve!

  • Another New PLI Answer Book Now Available! The Import Practice Answer Book 2015

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    PLI’s has published a new answer book aimed at helping students and practitioners alike navigate the complex regulations administered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the importation of commercial goods into the United States. Import Practice Answer Book 2015 provides a comprehensive and step-by-step overview of the current law regulating when and where, and if, goods can be brought into the United States.

    Walking through the process from pre-importation requirements to appealing a denial of entry, Import Practice Answer Book 2015 provides a detailed analysis of such areas as the:

    • Tariff classification and valuation systems
    • Kinds of merchandise that are prohibited or restricted
    • Financial security requirements, or when it is necessary to post a bond
    • Different types of entry and their different requirements
    • Ways to seek reduction or elimination of duties

    Import Practice Answer Book 2015 walks you through the entire importation procedure, describing each step in the process; the regulatory requirements governing that step; and providing a copy of each major form that must be completed, including instructions on where and when that form must be submitted.

    In addition, this new title provides complete coverage of how Rulings are issued and how to handle a negative Customs response, including the filing of protests and, ultimately, review by the U.S. Court of International Trade and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

    Import Practice Answer Book 2015 is designed to assist importers, attorneys, customs brokers, accountants, freight forwarders, customs consultants, Customs professionals in government service, and students in finding answers to the technical legal and administrative practice questions that inevitably arise in connection with importing merchandise into the United States.

    If you’d like to order Import Practice Answer Book 2015, please email the PLI Library Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.

  • New Edition of Pharmaceutical Compliance and Enforcement Answer Book Now Available

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    PLI’s Pharmaceutical Compliance and Enforcement Answer Book 2015 is now available.  This Answer Book provides a comprehensive overview of the regulatory issues faced by the different participants in the pharmaceutical industry.

    In an easy Q&A format, Pharmaceutical Compliance and Enforcement Answer Book 2015 describes:


    • The FDA’s authority and potential actions to regulate prescription drugs and biologics both before and after approval by the agency
    • A facility’s rights and compliance obligations during an inspection by the agency
    • How to best evaluate a company’s potential of being in violation and what to do to mitigate those risks
    • What advertising and promotion of prescription drugs is permitted
    • How product liability issues overlap with FDA enforcement initiatives
    • When criminal prosecution is used as part of the regulatory enforcement effort

    Filled with practical suggestions, Pharmaceutical Compliance and Enforcement Answer Book 2015 provides the attorney and his or her clients with a roadmap to effective compliance with FDA pharmaceutical regulations.

    If you’d like to order Pharmaceutical Compliance and Enforcement Answer Book 2015, please email the PLI Library Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.

  • Federal Bail and Detention Handbook 2015

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    Federal Bail“The savings in time alone, as you try to prepare for an initial or detention hearing, makes the Handbook a bargain.”
    – Defense Magazine

    The Federal Bail and Detention Handbook 2015 is now available. This soft cover treatise has been published to help readers find answers in a hurry and its size makes it convenient to be carried to and from the courtroom.

    The Bail Reform Act of 1984 and its legislative history are lengthy and complex. Yet all federal court participants–lawyers, judges, and others–are required to understand the Act thoroughly and apply it swiftly and effectively, often under the pressure of a detention hearing.

    Authored by the Honorable John L. Weinberg, this title provides the busy practicing lawyer or judge with a quick and clear reference to the Act and all of the relevant statutory language, legislative history and appellate case law.

    Judge Weinberg has included “Practice Pointers”, which are designed to provide defense counsel and Assistant U.S. Attorneys with strategic suggestions for dealing with the Act.  The Handbook‘s Table of Cases lists every federal appellate decision of significant precedential value that interprets or applies the Act.

    The paperback format of this 2015 edition has been tailored to help readers find answers in a hurry. Its size permits it to be carried conveniently to and from the courtroom.

    If you’d like to order Federal Bail and Detention Handbook 2015 , contact the PLI Library Relations Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.





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