Special Report: FinCEN’s Proposed Anti-Money Laundering Rule

On April 4, 2016, FinCEN announced a proposal to amend the Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”) definition of broker-dealers to include “funding portals,” that is, online crowdfunding platforms involved in offering or selling securities.

The rule is not yet final; the comment period is open until June 3, 2016. If adopted, however, funding portals would be required to comply with the full array of BSA requirements applicable to broker-dealers, including implementing and maintaining effective anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing (“AML/CFT”) controls, developing and implementing an effective AML/CFT compliance program, maintaining certain customer and transaction records, and reporting suspicious transactions to the government.

Nicole S. Healy (Ropers Majeski Kohn and Bentley), author of PLI’s Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook provides a summary of the proposed new rule and its potential impact on funding portals. Download the report here or find it in the table of contents for Anti-Money Laundering Deskbook.



Discover PLUS Research Topic Video – The Aereo Case and Public Performance Rights

With more than 60,000 secondary source legal documents, PLI Discover PLUS is a great place to begin research or to support a more in-depth research project. Our publications, form templates, and program transcripts provide users with authoritative background information, as well as insights into the positions of leading practitioners from law firms, corporations, government, and academia.

Scenario: After the Supreme Court’s recent decision against Aereo, an online streaming service,a researcher would like know how this may effect future public performance rights cases. Since this topic is currently evolving, the researcher chooses to search across PLI transcripts.

Search: Aereo /10 “public perform!”

Click below to watch the full Research Topic Guide video on the Aereo case. 

What’s New on PLI Discover PLUS for April

04-2016 What's New

We add content to PLI Discover PLUS every month to ensure our subscribers have access to the most up-to-date and relevant secondary source legal documents. Renowned legal experts regularly updated our acclaimed Treatises, Course Handbooks, Answer Books, Transcripts and Forms to reflect recent changes and developments in the law.

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Last Day – National Library Week Book Sale!

2016 National Library Week II

In celebration of National Library Week, Practising Law Institute is offering a 20% discount on all Treatises and Answer Books from April 10 – 16. Today is the last day of our sale!

Prefer to do your research digitally?  We encourage you to access our publications online through a subscription to PLI’s research database, Discover PLUS.   Discover PLUS gives you access to our Course Handbooks, Treatises and Answer Books, in addition to over 3,000 downloadable forms and close to 1,000 program transcripts.



Happy National Library Week – Libraries Transform

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This year, National Library Week is celebrating library transformation. The Library Relations team here at PLI is aware that many libraries are undergoing their own transformations from print to digital and we’re here to help! Schedule a Discover PLUS demo or training at any time.

Happy National Library Week & National Library Workers Day from PLI!

Happy National Library Week from the librarians at PLI!  We have librarians filling various roles across our Legal Information Services (LIS), IT, and Customer Service departments.

2016 National Library Week photo

Photo details: back row from left to right: Andrew Lissenden; Alexa Robertson; Cory Goetze; Elizabeth Beller; Olivene White; Zehava Brickner; Emma Kelly; Alexandra Stoilas. Front row from back to right: Lauren Allshouse; Jennifer Stefanic; Christina Davis; Samantha Sumulong; Katie Hut. 


PLI Library Relations YouTube Channel

Did you know that the Library Relations team here at PLI has a dedicated YouTube channel filled with Discover PLUS training videos? Browse our YouTube channel to find how-to videos on our app, using My Bookshelf, doing research on cybersecurityanti-money laundering, and many more!

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Trial Handbook Spring 2016 Edition Now Available

The STrial Handbook Spring 2016pring 2016 edition of The Trial Handbook is now available in print and on PLI Discover PLUS, our online research database!

Trial Handbook is the one-stop resource you can trust in the planning, trial, and post-trial stages of litigation. Designed for quick reference in the courtroom, Trial Handbook is keyed to the Federal Rules of Evidence and focuses on the presentation of proof and the evidentiary problems faced by counsel.

Packed with practical checklists, charts, outlines, sample jury selection questions, Trial Handbook gives you the knowledge and tools to:

  • Develop solid trial briefs and strong case plans
  • Prepare lay and expert witnesses and organize your exhibits more effectively
  • Master voir dire to maximize your chances of getting the most sympathetic jurors
  • Make a clear record at trial to aid jurors’ understanding of your case
  • Build a rapport and your credibility with the jury throughout the trial
  • Use opening statements to put your cases, clients, and proof in the most favorable light
  • Give summations that blend evidence and issues to paint a thoroughly persuasive picture
  • Exploit discovery materials at trial to get an additional edge
  • Lay the proper foundation for various forms of evidence
  • Capitalize on the powerful probative impact of visual aids at trial
  • Apply proven direct examination and cross-examination techniques
  • Use pretrial, trial, and post-trial motions to gain strategic advantages
  • Draft clear, legally sound jury instructions that subtly sway judges

At the heart of Trial Handbook is its unique Evidence Guide, now also included as a laminated fold-out, which clearly explains the meaning, purpose, operation, and history of every rule, including how each rule applies to other cases and how leading cases construe a particular rule.

Volume 2, the Case Authority, includes thousands of case summaries of decisions under the rules, arming you with the latest evidentiary resources to help you prevail at trial.

Interested in our other Litigation resources?  Check out our Litigation Research Center below!