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PLI Discover PLUS–eReader Functionality

Did you know that Discover PLUS has eReader functionality, including the ability to highlight, annotate, and bookmark content?

You can save documents that are important to you and easily access them again and again with just a click of a button.

Want to learn more about the eReader functionality on Discover PLUS? Here’s a quick video tutorial highlighting these tips. For more, check out the rest of our videos on the PLI Librarian YouTube channel!

Have questions? Contact us at PLUS@pli.edu

Happy National Library Week – Libraries Transform

2016 NLW-banner_0



This year, National Library Week is celebrating library transformation. The Library Relations team here at PLI is aware that many libraries are undergoing their own transformations from print to digital and we’re here to help! Schedule a Discover PLUS demo or training at any time.

Library Ledger, February 2016, Volume 4, Issue 1


Our latest edition of the Library Ledger is now available on the blog! Read up on PLI Discover PLUS news with this most current edition, which is all about the new content we’re continuously  adding to our online research database.  Volume 4, Issue 1 of the newsletter lists the brand new titles we published in 2015, provides an update on our Course Handbook archive project, and takes you through finding an archive title using our iPhone/iPad app. It also features a letter from PLI’s Library Relations Manager, Christina Davis. Read all of our newsletters on the Library Ledger page.

The PLI Discover PLUS App is Here!

NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/Practising Law Institute (PLI) is pleased to announce Discover PLUS for iPad and iPhone. Discover PLUS is a subscription-based online research database targeted to legal, financial, and accounting professionals. Discover PLUS provides digital access to PLI’s full collection of acclaimed Treatises, Course Handbooks, Legal Forms, Program Transcripts and Answer Books. Content is derived from over 2,000 secondary source publications written by today’s experts on the most recent industry changes in regulations, rulings, and standard practices as well as over 400 + annual continuing legal education seminars. In developing the Discover PLUS App, PLI sought to create an interface that not only mirrored the award-winning desktop application, but also simplified the existing navigation and allowed synchronization for a seamless transition from a desktop to a mobile workspace. In an industry where real time research can make or break your case, we wanted to make sure you had an immediate connection to the right answers from the right people.

With the Discover PLUS app, you can access your account from your iPad or iPhone and have the most up-to-date, relevant information and techniques practiced by the industry’s leading law firms, corporations, and government agencies. Imagine being able to access proven strategies and practice tips from your largest competitors with nothing more than a touch of a button.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this app to Discover PLUS subscribers,” said Alexa Robertson, Director of Library Relations and Electronic Publishing at PLI. “We continue to focus on providing high-quality content and making our interface easy and convenient to use. Next time you are in court or traveling, you will have more than 2,000 PLI titles at your fingertips. Any work you do will sync up to your account seamlessly.”

The Discover PLUS app features:

  • The ability to download items to your device when you need to work without an Internet connection
  • Robust search capabilities, including Terms and Connectors searching across PLI titles to help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily
  • eReader functionality, including the ability to adjust font
  • Syncing for your Bookshelves, Notes, Marks, and Highlights

Discover PLUS for iPad and iPhone is available in the App Store today. The app requires a Discover PLUS Membership.

Download Discover PLUS for the iPad and iPhone – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/discover-plus/id1042352941?mt=8

Discover PLUS Research Topics Video – Cell Phone Evidence

Discover PLUS is a great place to begin your research because all PLI publications are secondary sources that contain expert analyses of today’s legal controversies. Our publications, form templates, and program transcripts provide users with authoritative background information, as well as insights into the positions of leading practitioners from law firms, corporations, government, and academia.

Scenario: After listening to the “Serial” podcast, a legal researcher is interested in learning more about using cell phone records as trial evidence.

Search: “Cell phone” /s evidence

Click below to watch the full Research Topic Guide video on Cell Phone Evidence.

Accessing the PLI Course Handbook Archive on Discover PLUS

Currently, the PLI Discover PLUS archive dates back to 2004 with more archived titles being added every week.  Watch this video to learn how to access this treasure trove of content on Discover PLUS.



We will continue to add instructional videos to this channel, so stay tuned for more! Also, if you have any suggestions for future search tips videos, please contact the PLI Library Help Desk.

Now you can access PLI Discover PLUS with a Search Widget

The library team at PLI is happy to announce the addition of the Discover PLUS search box. This search widget can be embedded into any page you choose whether it’s your library’s intranet page or standard webpage. It’s our mission to deliver you the most up-to-date valuable information in the most efficient way possible. This new search box will allow your organization and patrons a direct line to over 4,000 segments of legal research. This simple and easy search box allows you to enter a search query without having to open a new window with our designated web address.

Interested in adding this to your webpage? Write us at discoverplus@pli.edu and we’ll send you the code.
Or you can test drive the search from our blog.

PLI Discover PLUS Featured on UNC’s Carolina Blawg!

UNC has access to Practising Law Institute Discover PLUS and the Katherine Everett Law Library made its patrons aware of the subscription through its blog, Carolina Blawg!

Do you subscribe to PLI Discover PLUS? If so, a blog post or library page is a great way to spread the word to your patrons. Contact the PLI Library Help Desk for images and information you can add to your blogs, intranet, subject guides, practice area pages, listservs, or any other way you’re reaching your patrons!


We’ll be in San Antonio for AALL!

AALL Exhibiting 2014

PLI will be in San Antonio this summer for the Annual Meeting and Conference.

Stop by our booth, # 218, to say hello and learn about some of the exciting enhancements we’ve made to PLI Discover PLUS!

Need more incentive? We’ll be auctioning off a fantastic prize that will help you fill up all the time you’re saving using PLI Discover PLUS!