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Filing Instructions Error

A librarian was kind enough to call up today to let us know that there is a misprint in the filing instructions for “Corporate Legal Departments.” The instructions tell you to remove Appendix A13-1 through A13-61, and replace them with 13-1 through 13-80. But the filing itself only goes up to A13-52, causing some understandable confusion.

Put in the pages you have, up to A13-52; it’s a misprint on the filing instructions and you have all the pages you’re supposed to. Thank you for letting us know!

Langer Misprint

Jamie Sunnycalb at Charlotte Law School called in to inform us of an error. “Langer on Practical International Tax Planning” release # 16 from October has a misprint in the filing instructions.

The pink pages tells users to file 72-1 to 73-13, pages that weren’t included. The instructions should have read:

Remove pages
73-1 to 73-13

Insert new pages
73-1 to 73-13

Thank you, Jamie, for bringing it to our attention!