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PLI Publications Catalog 2013

Publications Catalog 2013 

The PLI Publications catalog is here!

Each year PLI publishes a wide variety of new titles and new editions to make sure your library shelves are always up-to-date with content from 15 rapidly evolving areas of law. Browse this year’s best sellers and new editions and see what’s joined our existing library of celebrated Treatises, Course Handbooks, and Answer Books.

Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2013

In October 2012, PLI published Insider Trading Answer Book 2013.

Because the insider trading laws apply to everyone — not just corporate insiders — a proper understanding of both the basics of insider trading law as well as some of the complexities and nuances of this important area of the law is important to anyone who invests in the securities markets. Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2013 provides you with a step-by-step understanding of the legal requirements imposed upon all investors. It walks you through:

  • The elements of an insider trading claim
  • What is legitimate company research that can be freely acted upon and what is nonpublic information that may not
  • When acting on a “tip” can incur legal liability
  • The framework of penalties when insider trading has been successfully proved

Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2013 provides both the lawyer and the lay investor with a complete understanding of the criminal and civil issues that can arise, the possible penalties that could be incurred and the defenses available. It reflects the in-depth knowledge of legal practitioners who provide ongoing counseling and litigation representation to a wide array of clients.

In today’s turbulent financial markets, a claim of insider trading often hits the newspapers. Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2013, which fully integrates recent regulatory changes, provides a concise road map, helping the reader to navigate the legal requirements safely.

If you would like to order Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book 2013, please contact PLI’s Library Relations Department (877-900-5291; libraryrelations@pli.edu).

PLI Content No Longer Available Via Westlaw

From November 1st, 2012 onwards, no PLI content will be available on Westlaw.

After a twenty-five year partnership with Westlaw, PLI content will no longer be accessible via the Thomson Reuters Westlaw site. PLI was unable to reach an agreement for ongoing distribution by Westlaw of PLI content, including both PLI Course Handbooks and PLI Treatises.  Presently and in the future, you may continue to access all PLI Treatises on Bloomberg Law.

PLI continues to offer access to our Course Handbooks, Treatises, Answer Books, Legal Forms and Program Transcripts via the Discover PLUS eBook platform. Please feel free to contact your PLI account manager, Library Relations at libraryrelations@pliedu or (877) 900-5291 or Customer Service at (800) 260-4754 with any questions or concerns.

Interview with our 2011 Caption the Cartoon Contest Winner: Sherry VonBehren from Drake University Law Library

Last year, PLI asked you to caption a cartoon featuring a PLI treatise and be entered to win an iPad.  Ms. Sherry VonBehren of Drake University Law Library was our winner (click here to see her caption) and below, Sherry answers some questions about libraries, librarians, and how technology is changing our field.


Tell us a little about yourself:

I’ve been working at the Drake LawSchool Library since August of 1985. When I started, my daughters were nine and twelve years old (almost). Now the older daughter works in the financial industry and has a Masters degree from Drake while the other is a registered nurse.

I’ve done many jobs at the Law Library, from labeling new books, filing cards into the obsolete card catalog, and making thousands of pages of photocopies of court cases to using a computer program to interlibrary loan items around the country, providing legal material from our electronic databases, and preparing library displays on such varied topics as the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa, visits from Chief Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, and U.S. soldiers getting their wrongful WWII era convictions overturned just a few years ago.

What is a typical day like for you? :

First, I process the library’sinterlibrary loan and document delivery requests. I may need to put out anothercollection of “new books” or add recent faculty publications or student publications and awards to the large display cases.

I’m always developing new displays for the law library. The displays draw attention to library resources, give information on a law school subject, give tips on how to manage final exams stress, highlight law school lectures by visiting legal experts, law school symposiums, other law school activities, etc.

Why did you choose this career? :

I’ve loved libraries since I was achild. I had enjoyed my volunteer work at a public library and I liked the idea of doing the detailed work that keeps a library functioning. I had no idea of learning about legal resources when I started at the Law Library, it happened as my responsibilities changed over the years.

How do you feel technology has changed the field of law and/or librarianship? :

Technology has certainly changed how legal professionals do their research. Having legal resources available electronically has changed how fast legal sources can be found and has added tremendously to the number and variety of resources we can now access. Libraries must keep up with ever changing methods of finding answers to legal questions.

Helping law students, law faculty, attorneys and members of the public use electronic legal sources requires the skill to use electronic databases and especially the ability to advise patrons on how to conduct efficient, cost effective, and successful legal research.

What do you like most about your job? :

Most of all, I like being able to help people. I feel that providing the legal materials they need is an important job.

I also like developing informational displays. I’m very fortunate that I have a good amount of freedom to be creative and develop the displays in the manner I think will work to further the mission of the Law Library and the entire Law School.

How do you think the field of librarianship is changing? How is it staying the same? :

As ways of accessing legal materials have changed due to our use of computers, so have the options on how librarians must be able to connect with library users and the research skills they must learn. Those research skills must also be continually updated.

Librarianship is a helping profession. Most library workers are very service oriented. Our sincere desire to help people has stayed the same.

Do you use your iPad for anything work related, if so, for what? :

I have not used the iPad at work yet, but other people at the law school do use iPads at work and love them. Several people were quite excited about my winning the iPad.

Thank you again for such a wonderful gift. I was certainly surprised and excited to get it as well as very appreciative.

Wish you’d won an iPad?  You’re in luck! We’ll be having another caption the cartoon contest this year so stay tuned for the details on how to submit your caption via the website or stop by our booth at SLA (# 153) or AALL (# 323)!

Introducing PLI Answer Books

Over the years many customers have come to us with a similar problem:  “How do I get clear, fast answers to practice questionswithout getting buried in details?”

In response, PLI has introduced the new Answer Book Series.

Written by members of major law firms who provide a complete understanding of the relevant practice issues that arise in the selected subject matter areas, each Answer Book provides a step-by-step explanation of the regulations and issues that the practitioner is likely to face.

Each title in the series uses an easily understood Q&A format so that the needed information can be found quickly. Practice pointers and checklists that assist in explaining everyday client questions are included in every title.

You can view the Answer Book Series online and get started on updating your library with books that cover all of today’s most pressing industry challenges.

The following titles are included in our collection:

  • Antitrust Law Answer Book
  • Business Liability Insurance Answer Book
  • Consumer Financial Services Answer Book
  • Corporate Compliance Answer Book
  • Expert Witness Answer Book
  • Financial Institutions Answer Book
  • Insider Trading Law and Compliance Answer Book
  • Insurance Regulation Answer Book
  • Intellectual Property Law Answer Book
  • Labor Management Law Answer Book
  • Medical Devices Law and Regulation Answer Book
  • Mortgage Finance Regulation Answer Book
  • Personal Bankruptcy Answer Book
  • Transfer Pricing Answer Book

Covering fourteen different practice areas, these step-by-step guides are vital to any skilled practitioner needing a comprehensive summary or to any attorney new to the particular practice area.

Purchase entire Answer Book Series and receive over 50% off!

To receive all 14 practical Q&A guides in the series for only $1,565, contact PLI’s Library Relations Teamat (877) 900-5291 or libraryrelations@pli.edu.