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Doctorow on “How to Destroy the Book”

Cory Doctorow, Creative Commons founder and copyright activist gave a speech at the National Reading Summit entitled “How to Destroy the Book.” Transcribed by The Varsity.Ca, it’s both fascinating commentary on the copyright issues that e-books are going to face in the next few years, and a beautiful statement on readers as a whole:

“We are the people of the book. We love our books. We fill our houses with books. We treasure books we inherit from our parents, and we cherish the idea of passing those books on to our children.”

Link here.

Filing Instructions Error

A librarian was kind enough to call up today to let us know that there is a misprint in the filing instructions for “Corporate Legal Departments.” The instructions tell you to remove Appendix A13-1 through A13-61, and replace them with 13-1 through 13-80. But the filing itself only goes up to A13-52, causing some understandable confusion.

Put in the pages you have, up to A13-52; it’s a misprint on the filing instructions and you have all the pages you’re supposed to. Thank you for letting us know!

Budgets and the End of the Year

The end of the year is a huge crunch time for librarians, and if we can help just let us know. The Library Relations Team can send you a listing of all of your current subscriptions, find you the pricing on future releases, email you copies of outstanding invoices, and help make your end of the year a little less stressful.

You can reach us at our 800 number: 877-900-5291 or via email at

NPR’s On the Media

NPR’s most recent “On the Media” episode is focused entirely on books. Sections include:

1) Book It
2) * Podcast Extra: Indies on the Industry *
3) Books 2.0
4) For the Love of Reading
5) For the Love of Books
6) Word on the Street
7) Reinterpreting War
8) Books That Die

You can click on each section to read a transcript and listen, or click here to download the whole thing.

Condominium and Co-Op Deskbook

A few of you have called in with questions about “Condominium and Co-Op Deskbook” ISBN 978-1-4024-1056-7.

When the title was originally released it was called “Condominium and Co-Op Closings,” so there are still some binders floating around that reflect that title. The change was made in September of 2008 in the interests of better reflecting the subject matter of the treatise. The contents are the same, and the update you’re receiving now can be filed in with the pages you already have.

If you’d like a new binder, or have any concerns at all you can always contact us at and we’ll give you a hand.