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Celebrate National Library Week with PLI

Happy National Library Week!  

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In celebration of National Library Week, Practising Law Institute is offering a 20% discount on all Treatises and Answer Books from April 12 – April 18.

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PLI Treatises and Answer Books Updated June 2013

In June 2013, PLI published the following Treatises, Supplements and Answer Books.

If you are on standing order for any of these titles, these releases have already been shipped. If you would like to place an order, please email the Library Relations Help Desk or call 877-900-5291.


PLI Publications Catalog 2013

Publications Catalog 2013 

The PLI Publications catalog is here!

Each year PLI publishes a wide variety of new titles and new editions to make sure your library shelves are always up-to-date with content from 15 rapidly evolving areas of law. Browse this year’s best sellers and new editions and see what’s joined our existing library of celebrated Treatises, Course Handbooks, and Answer Books.

2013 Answer Book Catalog

Answer-BooksWritten by attorneys from acclaimed law firms, PLI Answer Books provide readers with a complete understanding of relevant practice issues that arise in each of the selected subject matter areas.  Our Answer Books provide step-by-step, comprehensive explanations of the regulations and issues practitiones are likely to encounter.

Each title in the series uses an easily understood Q&A format so that pertinent questions can be answered quickly. What’s more, every Answer Book also includes both practice pointers and checklists that assist in explaining every day client questions.

The 2013 Answer Book catalog can be viewed here.

Contact the PLI  Library Relations Help Desk or call 877-900-5291 if you would like a hard copy of the catalog or to order an Answer Book!

New PLI Answer Books Published in August 2012

In August 2012, PLI published the following new Answer Books:

If you have any questions or would like to order a copy of one of these Answer Books, please contact PLI’s Library Relations Department (877-900-5291; libraryrelations@pli.edu).

Happy Law Day!

Did you know that May 1st is Law Day? This year’s theme is “No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom”, which according to the American Bar Association, “underscores the importance of the courts and their role in ensuring access to justice for all Americans.”

To celebrate, PLI is offering 35% off all of our publications, including treatises, course handbooks, and answer books. Click here make a purchase or contact PLI’s Library Relations Department by email (libraryrelations@pli.edu).

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New Book! Labor Management Law Answer Book 2011-2012

Increased enforcement of labor and employment laws puts a premium on the reliable guidance required to successfully anticipate and respond to compliance demands in a legally sound and enterprise-friendly manner

This “one-stop resource” allows you to easily access the vital insights you need to deal with a host of increasingly complex real-world labor management issues, including obligations under executive orders affecting labor relations of federal contractors; federal preemption of state regulation; reporting requirements of unions and employers; protected and unprotected activity; duty to bargain; unfair labor practice case procedures; and regulation of union dues and administration. Labor Management Law Answer Book 2011-12 incorporates planning opportunities and strategies affording you a truly actionable tool you can use to optimize proactive decision-making.

Updated annually, Labor Management Law Answer Book 2011-12 is a vital compliance tool for in-house and outside corporate attorneys and an important reference for corporate executives and managers.

To order the book, click here or email libraryrelations@pli.edu.

Financial Institutions Answer Book (New Title)

Reflecting the many statutory and regulatory changes made since the beginning of the economic downturn, the newly published Financial Institutions Answer Book 2012 provides, in a handy Q&A format, a comprehensive overview of the complex federal requirements regulating financial institutions in the United States. Every aspect of a financial institution lifecycle is covered, from understanding the differences in regulation based on what type of charter is chosen, through ongoing capital and deposit activities requirements and major changes in corporate control, to the cessation of entity activity through merger, acquisition or entity failure.

Financial Institutions Answer Book 2012 covers the entire spectrum of financial institution regulation, including those regulating:

  • The creation of branch offices
  • Corporate governance
  • Executive compensation
  • Deposit insurance requirements
  • Insider and affiliate transaction
  • Anti-money laundering and U.S. trade sanctions
  • Examination and audit
  • Privacy and data security

To order the book, click here or contact libraryrelations@pli.edu.