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Evidence in Negligence Cases 10th Edition

We’ve gotten a couple of calls from people concerned about not receiving Release # 12 for Evidence in Negligence Cases.

While it was originally slated for September 2009, it hasn’t been released yet, so as long as you have # 11, you’re all up to date. If you’re concerned as to whether your book is current, or want to know if you will automatically receive the update when it comes out, you can always give us a call at Library Relations:

or email at Library Relations.

Langer Misprint

Jamie Sunnycalb at Charlotte Law School called in to inform us of an error. “Langer on Practical International Tax Planning” release # 16 from October has a misprint in the filing instructions.

The pink pages tells users to file 72-1 to 73-13, pages that weren’t included. The instructions should have read:

Remove pages
73-1 to 73-13

Insert new pages
73-1 to 73-13

Thank you, Jamie, for bringing it to our attention!

Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting– what?

Hi guys,

There have been a bunch of you calling in with some variation of the question “What is this book? Why is it here?”

Worry no longer!


Faber has actually been writing the majority of the book for a while, so from here on out his name will be the one on the cover. Landis will no longer be updated, because, well, it no longer exists. Except as Faber.