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The Library Ledger

thelibraryledgerlogoThe Library Relations team has created a page specifically for our newsletter, the Library Ledger.  This page allows you to access the current and also previous editions of the Library Ledger.  So you can keep up to date about the latest news on PLI Discover PLUS’s content, recent enhancements, search tips, research help, and important announcements!

Fun Monday (the belated holiday version)

While many of us know that the arrival of Peeps in supermarkets signals spring, and we’re all aware that they’re a delicious sugary treat, most of us remain ignorant abut their research and study habits.  Here, the Staley Library at Millikin University delves deep into the library and research customs of Peeps, revealing quite a few surprises.

Farewell Friday

This week, two often-used resources bid us adieu: the print version of Encyclopaedia Britannica and the GPO Access, the website for official US publications. But neither are disappearing completely–the Encyclopaedia Britannica will still be available online and the GPO has been folded into FDsys, or the Federal Digital System.

Read more about these changes here and here.

Law Firms & Librarians

Why is the partnership between law firm and librarians so important? Chuck Lowry discusses the symbiotic relationship between law firms and their libraries. He makes some interesting points about law librarians:

  • They will see from their research interaction with attorneys what information products or services can be replaced by something else that responds more closely to the firm’s actual information needs, thereby increasing both the effectiveness and the efficiency of the attorneys.
  •  There is no one in your firm better positioned to create, monitor and adjust the balance of firm-wide and specialty products that will get to fee earners what they need to practice law at the standard your clients and your management committee demand.
  •  They understand what the firm’s lawyers can and cannot do, will and will not put up with, have to have or want because the publisher called them directly.


Research = more than just Wikipedia

There was an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune titled: Yes, students, there’s a world beyond Wikipedia.  And while legal librarians might not need to worry about this with their patrons – public and school librarians do need to worry about it.  And of course, many of us are parents and this applies to children’s research habits.  School librarians are doing their best to teach the next generation how to harness the power of the internet.  The article suggests some creative sites that can be used in school projects.

Free Research! (No, Seriously)

So your partner/lawyer friend desperately needs this PLI article/vaguely defined research topic from ten years ago/two years ago/yesterday, and you’re swamped. And not only are you swamped, but you can’t find it on our website and you’re freaking out just a little because (s)he needs it NOW.

Fear not!

The Library Relations Team does research. So if you’re trying to track this article/topic down and really could use a hand, drop us a line. We’ll either email you back the article itself, a selection of what we think can help you, or a citation so you can pull it up on one of your other databases without searching (or accruing fees).

It’s free. Because we love you, and your life is complicated enough without us getting in your way.

How Do You Research?

We here at PLI are revamping our search functions and the whole website in general. And because you guys are actually going to be the ones using it, we need your help: 

How do you perform a search? Can you give us examples of a situation you’ve had to use a topical search, a targeted search, or a citatory service? The more specifics we can give to the team building the website, the better fitted to you it will be.

Give us a hand, folks, so we can give you the best possible search functions and make life easier for all involved. Especially you.

Who Wants $5,000? You Want $5,000.

Just a heads-up: the AALL Research & Publications Committee is accepting research grant applications for the AALL/Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Grants Program ($5,000) until Monday, November 3.

So if you have a research question you’d like to be paid to answer, throw your hat in the ring.

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