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Google Scholar Includes Caselaw

Google Scholar has recently started to include case law searches, allowing for free and easy searching of case law, journals, and legal opinions.

Early reviews stress that while a useful tool for learning more about a case or a decision, Google Scholar is by no means a current replacement for pay sites, it has the potential to grow into something great.

LexisWeb: Making Legal Websites Your Friend

Lexis is beta testing a new search engine just for law related websites:


LexisWeb’s User Guide tells us how this search interacts with LexisNexis, the giant database of Very Important Things:

“All search results from Lexis Web will contain value-added features
unique to LexisNexis:
• Navigation based on our Search by Topic or Headnote legal
classification system
• Navigation based on our LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology
• Navigation based on legal citations
• Recommended list of sources to search in LexisNexis”

And the best part– while it’s in beta testing, the use of it is completely free.