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Correction: Coping With US Export Controls 2008

The very helpful Mr. Goldstein from Duane Morris called in to let us know that there is an error in this years edition of Coping with US Export Controls.

Page 220 has a sentence that reads: “ITAR §§124.12(c) and 124.16.
These new procedures also apply to employees of sub-licensees
authorized under the agreements.”

Instead of referencing 124.12c, the section of reference should be listed as: 124.12A #10.

Thanks again to Mr. Goldstein for the catch.

Faber on Mechanics of Patent Claim Drafting– what?

Hi guys,

There have been a bunch of you calling in with some variation of the question “What is this book? Why is it here?”

Worry no longer!


Faber has actually been writing the majority of the book for a while, so from here on out his name will be the one on the cover. Landis will no longer be updated, because, well, it no longer exists. Except as Faber.


Watching the Digital Radar with Google News Alerts

The ABA has an interesting article about using Google Alerts to help out lawyers.

Watching the Digital Radar with Google News Alerts
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek

Read here.

This suggestion was especially interesting:
▪ Gauge your return on investment for marketing activities—for example, if you send out a press release or host a national seminar, enter identifying terms for it and see how often it appears in blogs and on the Internet generally.