Monthly Archives: February 2010

Tax Strategies 2009

A bunch of you have been calling in about the large volume Tax Strategies 2009 set, also known as “The Corporate Tax Practice Series: Strategies for Acquisitions, Dispositions, Spin-Offs, Joint Ventures, Financing, Reorganizations and Restructurings.”

We’ve gotten word from publishing that the books are ready to go, and are shipping out by the end of the week.

If you don’t receive them in the next week and a half, you can always contact us at 877-900-5291 or email and we’ll give you a hand.

Sign up for Events Using Google Docs

Whether its 1Y library introduction or advanced database instruction, getting your law students to sign and show up to an event can be challenging.

Now Google Docs and Calendar is here to make your life just a little bit easier. Allie Jordan has a guest post on the LibraryTech blog where she goes through how to create a form and sign-up process through Google Docs and calendars, allowing your students to register for an event with the click of a button.

Article here.

Volunteer at the AALL Conference

This year’s conference in Denver is going to be amazing, I can already tell. If you’re a first year attendee, or just want a guaranteed way to meet some amazing people, volunteer! You can see the whole kit and caboodle from the inside, while ensuring a wonderful and smoothly run conference for your fellow law librarians.

(And when you’re there, stop by our booth and say hi. We’ll give you a pig.)

Volunteer information here.