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Google Scholar Includes Caselaw

Google Scholar has recently started to include case law searches, allowing for free and easy searching of case law, journals, and legal opinions.

Early reviews stress that while a useful tool for learning more about a case or a decision, Google Scholar is by no means a current replacement for pay sites, it has the potential to grow into something great.

Britannica 2.0: Pointedly Not Wikipedia

Britannica has announced that it will start to wikify its online content (though they don’t use that term/mock it and Wikipedia–“Wikipedia contributes to the spread of information and many people are happy with it as their only source of reference – as are many people happy to eat McDonalds every day.” ) to allow registered users to submit changes to Britannica article. The catch/way that this is different from Wikipedia?

a) Britannica will check on the accuracy of all changes/articles before changes can be viewed

b) You have to pay money to access the site and edit the site.

So while it might not be an economical investment for students or those who aren’t relying on accurate information to win a court case/prepare a brief/perform research, it might be worth looking into if you want guaranteed accurate content with an old-school brand name.

Article here.

Watching the Digital Radar with Google News Alerts

The ABA has an interesting article about using Google Alerts to help out lawyers.

Watching the Digital Radar with Google News Alerts
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek

Read here.

This suggestion was especially interesting:
▪ Gauge your return on investment for marketing activities—for example, if you send out a press release or host a national seminar, enter identifying terms for it and see how often it appears in blogs and on the Internet generally.