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A Helpful Little Website

Did you guys know this was out there? How did I not know this was out there?

The Public Library of Law

Billing itself as “the world’s largest free law library” the Public Library of Law offers a giant searchable database to help you find the legal-type-thing you’re looking for. And what’s not to love about free?

LexisWeb: Making Legal Websites Your Friend

Lexis is beta testing a new search engine just for law related websites:


LexisWeb’s User Guide tells us how this search interacts with LexisNexis, the giant database of Very Important Things:

“All search results from Lexis Web will contain value-added features
unique to LexisNexis:
• Navigation based on our Search by Topic or Headnote legal
classification system
• Navigation based on our LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology
• Navigation based on legal citations
• Recommended list of sources to search in LexisNexis”

And the best part– while it’s in beta testing, the use of it is completely free.