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Discover PLUS Research Topic Video – The Aereo Case and Public Performance Rights

With more than 60,000 secondary source legal documents, PLI Discover PLUS is a great place to begin research or to support a more in-depth research project. Our publications, form templates, and program transcripts provide users with authoritative background information, as well as insights into the positions of leading practitioners from law firms, corporations, government, and academia.

Scenario: After the Supreme Court’s recent decision against Aereo, an online streaming service,a researcher would like know how this may effect future public performance rights cases. Since this topic is currently evolving, the researcher chooses to search across PLI transcripts.

Search: Aereo /10 “public perform!”

Click below to watch the full Research Topic Guide video on the Aereo case. 

Accessing the PLI Course Handbook Archive on Discover PLUS

Currently, the PLI Discover PLUS archive dates back to 2004 with more archived titles being added every week.  Watch this video to learn how to access this treasure trove of content on Discover PLUS.



We will continue to add instructional videos to this channel, so stay tuned for more! Also, if you have any suggestions for future search tips videos, please contact the PLI Library Help Desk.

How do law firms use social media?

The legal industry is slowly increasing its usage of social media platforms; about one-third of the ‘AmLaw 100’ law firms are on Twitter.

LexisNexis recently commissioned a report on the social media engagement of 110 law firms across the world. Here are some interesting highlights of the firms that were audited:

  • 35 firms have registered Twitter profiles, 24 are being used for broadcasting news;
    8 have yet to be used; and 3 are being predominantly used for interaction at the time of the audit
  • Of the 85 law firms that have registered on LinkedIn, 27 have created their own ‘LinkedIn Groups’
  • Only 12 use YouTube
  • Sydney and New York have the  highest numbers of legal bloggers

The breakdown by region: