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Catalog Your Own Books At Home: Fun and Geekily Awesome

Check out IBM’s new application sMash. Allows you to catalog your private collection in a way that makes sense to you.

Search in vain for the John Grisham you borrowed from your neighbor and never returned no longer!

(Warning: A bit complicated to get started; to get things to work you’ll either need WebSphere sMash or Project Zero– links are provided to download both, but the tutorial assumes you already have these on your computer and therefore a basic knowledge of one or the other.)

Financial Term of the Week

A new feature of our blog designed to deal with the changing market situation. Here is your financial term of the week:

Option ARM: Mortgage that permits the borrower to choose from among several types of repayment arrangements.

Our free newsletter “The Pocket MBA” has more information here: http://inbrief.pli.edu/the_pocket_mba/index.html for the curious and information seeking. Always a good source of financial information, The Pocket MBA has up to date articles and breaks the market down into easily understandable bits for your perusal.

A Helpful Little Website

Did you guys know this was out there? How did I not know this was out there?

The Public Library of Law

Billing itself as “the world’s largest free law library” the Public Library of Law offers a giant searchable database to help you find the legal-type-thing you’re looking for. And what’s not to love about free?

Who Wants $5,000? You Want $5,000.

Just a heads-up: the AALL Research & Publications Committee is accepting research grant applications for the AALL/Wolters Kluwer Law & Business Grants Program ($5,000) until Monday, November 3.

So if you have a research question you’d like to be paid to answer, throw your hat in the ring.

Guidelines and technical information

Things Other Than Westlaw

The ABA recently released the 2008 Legal Technology Survey Report, which showed that the number of lawyers doing online research is larger than ever, and the majority of them are using free online sources, rather than the traditional Westlaw and Lexis.

Which leads the Law Librarian Blog to ask law school and firm librarians: Are you showing these lawyers how do to these things? Come on now, where else did they pick this kind of behavior up?
Are Librarians Training Lawyers and Law Students in the Use of Alternatives to LexisNexis and Westlaw?

LexisWeb: Making Legal Websites Your Friend

Lexis is beta testing a new search engine just for law related websites:


LexisWeb’s User Guide tells us how this search interacts with LexisNexis, the giant database of Very Important Things:

“All search results from Lexis Web will contain value-added features
unique to LexisNexis:
• Navigation based on our Search by Topic or Headnote legal
classification system
• Navigation based on our LexisNexis SmartIndexing Technology
• Navigation based on legal citations
• Recommended list of sources to search in LexisNexis”

And the best part– while it’s in beta testing, the use of it is completely free.

The Start of the School Year for Academic Law Libraries

This week’s edition of The Law Librarian, Internet Radio Talk Show (and how much do you love that this exists) talks about what academic law libraries are doing to start the school year off on a good foot.


Registration is required to leave a comment, but you can listen for free (and use the call-in number, if you’re so inspired!)

Making Newspaper’s More Accesibile

Google announced yesterday that they’re going to start providing old newspaper articles, complete with pictures, headlines, and full content through a Google News Archive search (http://news.google.com/archivesearch).

Bringing History Online, One Newspaper At a Time

Is this making life easier for everyone? Or just one more argument in the case for Google becoming the world’s most powerful, and thereby dangerous, information trader?